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More of the journey…

Based on the photo above, and the previous post, can you tell we have new Photoshop Actions to play with?  It has been fun to plug in photos we have taken to see how they look.  I am going to state right here, we are by no means trying to work them into our brand.  I like photos straight up, no fuss, the way that they happened, and I hope that is what you take away from our website.  I am not afraid to have a little fun though, and I am always up for learning something new!   One part of our journey has been learning Photoshop.  It is a tricky monster if you go in blind.  Thanks to the Internet, and understanding color correction from previous work in photo labs, I think that I have a good handle on the program.  It ain’t easy though, and we have come a long way…David and I. 

Another part of our journey as ABJ Photography has been building our business debt free!  We buy new equipment when we can, and we rent the stuff we love locally at PPR.  We are excited about our new friend the 50mm 1.2 (used on photo above)!  This is a huge asset to our business, and a wonderful go-to lens.  I use it all the time, so we knew that it would be a great place to start our lens arsenal.  I cannot wait to use it to showcase some of our new photo books!  Check back soon for those….

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