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Fridays LIVE!

I confess, I skipped a week!  Oh well, I figured that you all probably got the picture of what we were up to last week with Eric and Mary Frances.  See the postings below for more on that…

Last weekend was somewhat of a break.  I did however do the annual “spring cleaning” at our house.  With the pace of life right now in full gear, it was a welcomed cleaning weekend.  I have always said you can tell by my house and the level of piles how busy I am.  And, well, we had some major piles.  Piles of what? Well, I will leave that to your imagination! Ha-ha.  I did take a break to enjoy a lovely Braves baseball game, and tried to capture Perimeter Christian School singing the National Anthem.  I would not call it a big fat fail, but we were not allowed on the field for a better angle nor did the people standing in front of us move.  But, I got a few shots.  I did not feel very “professional” that night.  I DID however meet Thelma, the lady guarding the isle I wanted to go down, and she was a hoot.  She let me sit a while behind the dug-out.  That is cool right?  I was also mistaken for one of the people that take photos of people at the game (that could be a fun job).  After some minor confusion, and a little help from Thelma, I was not expected to take the random man’s photo.  But, I confess I said I would because I mean, that is what I do, and I had some business cards on me…

This weekend we are shooting our first wedding of the summer!  I cannot wait!  I hope that the rain holds off Saturday at 5pm in Charlotte, NC.  Can anyone help me with that?  I am sure it will be amazing either way, they always are!  Happy weekend y’all!

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