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Fridays LIVE!

I confess, I skipped a week!  Oh well, I figured that you all probably got the picture of what we were up to last weekView full post »

Fridays LIVE! : Late Night Edition

Recently, I think that my goal in business is to learn more about photography through any experience that I can.  IView full post »

Swain Gala 2010 : Masquerade

This is the second year that we have been able to attend the Annual Swain Gala.  You can catch up on last years imagesView full post »

Backyard Inspiration

Two things are fabulous about this time of year: being outside and grilling out.  I love them both!  The other nightView full post »

Roswell Mill Inspiration

Ah! The weather today was a total mess!  I feel like gloom and doom was over us so we called the E:Session we hadView full post »

Home Sweet Home

Quick walk with the wife and the dog.  Took the camera along. I thought these pictures were cool.View full post »

On my way to Lovers Lane…

Do you watch The Office?  Have you seen the episode where two of the characters, I think it is Dwight and Michael, areView full post »

Fridays LIVE!

Time for a weekly round up of events!  This week has been a hard one.  A lot of hard conversations going on at ourView full post »

Fridays LIVE!

Yay for starting a new series for the BLOG called Fridays LIVE!…to be posted each Friday.  I have been waitingView full post »