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Grove Park Inn Wedding Asheville, NC | Nikki + Steve

We shot a wedding a few weeks ago!  It was the perfect fall weekend in Asheville, NC.  After living there for six years, and meeting my own husband there, it is always special to get back to a city that I still claim as “home”.

As you will see all over the blog, we shoot an exclusive number of weddings each year.  This may mean less weddings, but it also means special attention for each bride.   Leading up to the wedding we had an amazing engagement session, and it was a true gift to document Nikki and Steve’s wedding day at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.  I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their hospitality and kindness throughout the whole experience, David and I wish you all the very best in life and love!  I hope you enjoy this sampling of the images from your day, it was so hard to choose the photos for this sneak peek!

Grove Park Inn Wedding39Grove Park Inn Wedding40Grove Park Inn Wedding41Grove Park Inn Wedding42Grove Park Inn Wedding43Grove Park Inn Wedding44Grove Park Inn Wedding45Grove Park Inn Wedding46Grove Park Inn Wedding47Grove Park Inn Wedding48Grove Park Inn Wedding49Grove Park Inn Wedding50Grove Park Inn Wedding51Grove Park Inn Wedding52Grove Park Inn Wedding53Grove Park Inn Wedding54Grove Park Inn Wedding55Grove Park Inn Wedding56Grove Park Inn Wedding57Grove Park Inn Wedding58Grove Park Inn Wedding59Grove Park Inn Wedding60Grove Park Inn Wedding61Grove Park Inn Wedding62Grove Park Inn Wedding63Grove Park Inn Wedding64Grove Park Inn Wedding65Grove Park Inn Wedding66Grove Park Inn Wedding67Grove Park Inn Wedding68Grove Park Inn Wedding69Grove Park Inn Wedding70Grove Park Inn Wedding71Grove Park Inn Wedding72Grove Park Inn Wedding73Grove Park Inn Wedding74Grove Park Inn Wedding75Grove Park Inn Wedding76The sun set beautifully just as Nikki walked down the isle, the perfect setting for a wedding.  And, the celebration at the reception was SO fun!

I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was meeting their new puppy Murphy!  Isn’t he the cutest!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside | Mason + Magnolia

The first freeze got me excited for the Holiday Season!  And MAN am I thankful I am warm in my home with these sweet babies!  Mason and Maggie indulged me in between ball fetching for a few photos.  The morning light was nice and warm, and they got a few treats for wearing the scarves. 🙂

Remember in these cold months to bring you pets inside and provide blankets and warn beds for them to curl up in!  They are totally worth the extra TLC!

atlanta dog photographer–1atlanta dog photographer-2atlanta dog photographer-3atlanta dog photographer-4Maybe I will sneak one of these photos into my Christmas card this year!  We always include our dogs in our Christmas Card photos.  It was a tradition we started with Tess!

Nikki - They are just the sweetest! LOVE the scarves 🙂

SAVE THE DATE | Partner event with Club K9 dog grooming in Roswell

Another fun Holiday Pet Portrait sitting announced!  Bring your dog to Club K9 in Roswell, GA for a Holiday photo and stay to enjoy some fun treats and learn about Club K9’s Services.  This event will be an open house and we will collect donations for Atlanta Lab Rescue when you have your pet portrait taken.  ABJ Photography will be  available from 9-4pm for walk in portraits.  Join your dog in a Holiday photo, or simply visit while they have their photo taken with a festive winter backdrop.

ClubK9-HolidaywebFor more information please CONTACT me today via the button above!

Lost Mountain Labradors | Atlanta Dog Portrait Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful labs over at Lost Mountain Labradors! These labradors greeted me with lots of excitement, and I had a great afternoon capturing some new portraits and also getting in a little play time.  There are seven labs over at Lost Mountain Labradors, and they each have fun and unique personalities.  I loved getting to know them all individually, and at the end of the session we had some time to just have fun, and it was a pleasure to get to see them all play so well together…one happy family!

I was first introduced to Brandy, the 9 year old matriarch of the pack.  She is a beautiful yellow labrador with the absolute kindest heart.  She loved to be close and was very gentle!


They still have one of Brandy’s puppies, and his name is Buck, a 6 year old yellow lab. Buck still looks like a puppy to me! He has the sweetest, scrunchy face, the kind you can just snuggle all day! Buck is a big boy, and he is very smart!

Lost_Mountain_Labradors05Lost_Mountain_Labradors06Lost_Mountain_Labradors07After meeting Buck I was introduced to Sadie, the new mama at Lost mountain Labradors.  Sadie is a beautiful 4 year old black lab with a champion bloodline.  I cannot wait to introduce you to her beautiful babies next!

Lost_Mountain_Labradors08Lost_Mountain_Labradors09Lost_Mountain_Labradors10I do not know about you, but I would have a really hard time saying bye to such adorable lab puppies!  I know it is not easy over at Lost Mountain Labradors either.  As you will see they have some really cute young labs in the pack these days…

Meet Abby!  She is a fun and very smart yellow lab who loves to play fetch.  You will see in some additional images at the end her fetching skills! I am pretty sure some of you may have a lab or two like her…

Lost_Mountain_Labradors11Lost_Mountain_Labradors12Lost_Mountain_Labradors13Meet Abby’s sister Emily, another beautiful yellow labrador!

Lost_Mountain_Labradors14Lost_Mountain_Labradors15Lost_Mountain_Labradors16Lost_Mountain_Labradors17Next up is another beautiful black lab named Oynx!  She is as cute as a button, and still very much a puppy at heart!

Lost_Mountain_Labradors18Lost_Mountain_Labradors19Lost_Mountain_Labradors20Last but not least is Murphy!  Another one of the youngest Lost Mountain Labradors, and one that stole my heart at the very end.  Murphy is handsome and and has a great personality!  From what I could tell in a short amount of time, quite the love-bug!

Lost_Mountain_Labradors21Lost_Mountain_Labradors22Lost_Mountain_Labradors23Lost_Mountain_Labradors24After modeling it was time to let off some steam!  All the dogs had a great time playing fetch and showing off for the camera a little.  And, I could not resist the photo at the end with all the adorable Lost Mountain Labs saying goodnight under the garage door at the end of our shoot!    Lost_Mountain_Labradors25Lost_Mountain_Labradors26Lost_Mountain_Labradors27Lost_Mountain_Labradors28Lost_Mountain_Labradors29

Make sure to check out the Lost Mountain Labradors site if you are looking for a beautiful pure bred labrador!  And, if you are interested in booking your dog portrait, or family portrait session with your dog be sure to contact me today!

Thank you to Brandy, Buck, Sadie, Abby, Emily, Oynx, and Murphy for such an enjoyable fall afternoon!  I hope we can meet again one day!