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Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 Calendar | Behind the Scenes

The Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 calendar is not just full of ridiculously cute labradors, but inspirational thoughts to keep you smiling all year long!  This year, it was a great pleasure of mine to meet up with Atlanta Lab Rescue alum in their forever homes, and capture some fun photos for the calendar.  Some of the dogs were adopted in 2013 and others a few years ago.  I wanted to share a sneak peek of the calendar here with you and let you in on some of the dogs stories.


Our cover girl is Dazzle!  Dazzle lives in a home with ALR brothers and sisters, you can find more images of them from our day at the park, and play time in the Chattahoochee River!  Talk about one lucky lady!  Dazzle was happy to take part in the lab rescue calendar and I personally thought she was the perfect cover girl!  Dazzle is a pure bred lab, she keeps an eye on her pack and is not shy about wanting to sit in your lap!  As you can see here, Dazzle is very well behaved, and sat with our water bowl like a pro.


Cassie is a senior labrador retriever who is living with a permanent foster in Atlanta.  Cassie is now fighting cancer as well as arthritis, but that does not keep her down.  You will see in the post below that Cassie is still getting dressed up, no matter what the occasion!  I love this quote with her image because I think people and animals are beautiful at every age!  Cassie has two little foster brothers, who I am sure, have helped keep her young at heart.


Something that I love about Atlanta Lab Rescue is that they are willing to take in dogs who are not labs, lab mixes, heart worm positive dogs, and those who may have expensive vetting needed.  Those dogs deserve a chance too!  I think it is a high honor to know that they are contacted by people when other rescues simply pass over these dogs.  Mitch is a healthy young boy, and I know he is a very special addition to his pack.  Mitch has a brother and sister (ALR alum), and he got to show me his ball skills one afternoon at their home.  Mitch reminded me of another little ALR alum I know who has a ball obsession…Magnolia!


Trooper is one of the most beautiful black labs that I have ever met.  He is sweet, strong, and a very special part of his pack.  Trooper comes from anther amazing ALR family with 5 rescue labs!  All are Atlanta Lab Rescue dogs, and a few has been in previous ALR calendars!  I had so much fun meeting them for the first time the night of our photo session.  Since then, I am happy to say, we have become great friends!  As you will see Trooper had to have his front leg amputated after a hunting accident.  Trooper’s previous owner took him to the shelter and his wound did not heal correctly.  After realizing these complications, his new mama took him in and helped him heal on the inside and outside after his amputation.  Trooper is the perfect example of resilience!


These two are one of my favorite months in the calendar!  I was a foster mama to this duo!  Bailey (left) and Champ (right) are kind hearted brother’s from different mother’s!  I LOVED having them at our home.  They got along so well with my dogs, they would all share two dog beds, and always played nice together.  These two lucked out and get to live up on Lake Lanier, keep an eye out for two Pirates boating around the lake, haha!  I wish I knew more about how they ended up with us, but I do not.  However, I cannot ever imagine giving up these great dogs.


Speaking of my baby dogs…Miss. Magnolia got to be in the calendar too!  She is Miss. August, and I had to use one of our dock diving photos from this summer at the lake.  Magnolia is a total water dog, and will dive off the dock to retrieve her WUBBA all day long!  As soon as we get to the lake she is like a kid in a candy store.  She knows exactly where to find her WUBBA (basket on the deck), and is only patient enough for me to get my coffee in the morning before we head out for our first swim.  We adopted Maggie from Atlanta Lab Rescue in October of 2012, and she has been a real blessing on our lives since.  This quote fits her well…she sure does get what she wants with one glance.

I hope that you all and all of the folks who have picked up their copy of the calendar connect with the photos and quotes inside.  I think they will remind you of the special bond you have with your pet and the unique and genuine personalities of rescue dogs.  It is a feeling that you only know when you have helped a dog who at another time seemed helpless, who was homeless, and in need of a safe haven.  Please consider purchasing your own copy of the 2014 Atlanta Lab Rescue Calendar, 100% of the proceeds go to help ALR dogs, and it will be shipped directly to you.


Claudia - I was drawn to all of the wonderful pictures and the beautiful quotes. You’ve done such a professional presentation and I’m looking forward to getting my own calendar! Well done!!

Holiday Pet Portraits Atlanta | Cassie, Joey + Gunter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at ABJ Photography!  Holiday pet portraits are in full force this month, and I cannot wait to share them with you!

I can think of no better way to kick the Holiday season off, than with these three: Cassie, Joey, and Gunter!  Just before Thanksgiving I got to hang out and create Christmas memories, and a few laughs with this pack.  Cassie is one of the models from the Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 calendar, and she was back at it looking cute for her photo card session!  This time Joey and Gunter got to play along.  Joey is a beautiful and kind golden retriever, and Gunter is an eager pup who looks up to his big brother.  I loved Gunter’s bow tie, he looked like he was meant to wear it with his natural white stripe on his chest.  And, I am sure you will see more of Joey Claus this December…what a cutie!

Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta01Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta02Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta03Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta04Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta05Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta06Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta07Holiday Dog Portraits Atlanta08It is not to late to sneak in your Holiday Pet portrait session!  Keep it festive, or traditional for a gift this season, either way I am sure they will keep you merry and bright all year!  🙂  Click on the CONTACT button above to get in touch today!


Holiday Gift Ideas from ABJ Photography

This year give the gift of photography to those you love!  ABJ Photography specializes in portraits of pets + people, mix and match however you like, we will help you update the portraits in your home.  Printable gift certificates available, contact me today to give a photo session today!

New-ABJ-Logo-600x600The second half of 2013 has been an exciting time for me as I transition my business to showcase my love for pets.  As a part of this transition it has been fun to help around my community.  This year I helped Atlanta Lab Rescue create a calendar to raise money for their rescue.  This calendar has been a labor of love…and lots of licks!  You can pick up your copy over at the Atlanta Lab Rescue website.  All proceeds go to ALR, and will help us save more lab and lab mix lives!


I am pulling together some ideas for the photographer in your life this Christmas, make sure to check back in for some fun ideas!

Dog Portraits Piedmont Park Atlanta | Alyssa + Winston

I cannot get over how beautiful it was on Saturday!  I met Alyssa and Winston, her 7 year old chocolate lab, down at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.  I was BLOWN away by how beautiful all the trees still were!  If you are in town for Thanksgiving- brave the cold for a walk in the park, it is still so beautiful!

We met in the park because it is a very special place for them.  These sessions are not only about getting great photographs with your best bud, it is about telling a story about this season in your life- so the park was a perfect spot!  As soon as I spotted them walking my way I could see Winston’s big labrador smile!  I love how they are always happy to see you!  During our session we played in the leaves, took a walk, and visited the dog park.  It is clear that Winston is smitten with Alyssa, and if you are a lab lover like me you know that very special bond.  

atlanta dog portrait01atlanta dog portrait02atlanta dog portrait03atlanta dog portrait04atlanta dog portrait05atlanta dog portrait06atlanta dog portrait07atlanta dog portrait08atlanta dog portrait09atlanta dog portrait10atlanta dog portrait11atlanta dog portrait12atlanta dog portrait13atlanta dog portrait14

I was so happy to photograph these two in one of their favorite spots, and I hope that these portraits not only serve as great holiday photos, but wonderful memories of the journey they have been on together!  Thank you to Winston for ALL the affection, even if it was only for the treats!

If you are interested in a photo session with your pet contact me above with the CONTACT button, thanks!


Grove Park Inn Wedding Asheville, NC | Nikki + Steve

We shot a wedding a few weeks ago!  It was the perfect fall weekend in Asheville, NC.  After living there for six years, and meeting my own husband there, it is always special to get back to a city that I still claim as “home”.

As you will see all over the blog, we shoot an exclusive number of weddings each year.  This may mean less weddings, but it also means special attention for each bride.   Leading up to the wedding we had an amazing engagement session, and it was a true gift to document Nikki and Steve’s wedding day at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.  I want to take this opportunity to thank them for their hospitality and kindness throughout the whole experience, David and I wish you all the very best in life and love!  I hope you enjoy this sampling of the images from your day, it was so hard to choose the photos for this sneak peek!

Grove Park Inn Wedding39Grove Park Inn Wedding40Grove Park Inn Wedding41Grove Park Inn Wedding42Grove Park Inn Wedding43Grove Park Inn Wedding44Grove Park Inn Wedding45Grove Park Inn Wedding46Grove Park Inn Wedding47Grove Park Inn Wedding48Grove Park Inn Wedding49Grove Park Inn Wedding50Grove Park Inn Wedding51Grove Park Inn Wedding52Grove Park Inn Wedding53Grove Park Inn Wedding54Grove Park Inn Wedding55Grove Park Inn Wedding56Grove Park Inn Wedding57Grove Park Inn Wedding58Grove Park Inn Wedding59Grove Park Inn Wedding60Grove Park Inn Wedding61Grove Park Inn Wedding62Grove Park Inn Wedding63Grove Park Inn Wedding64Grove Park Inn Wedding65Grove Park Inn Wedding66Grove Park Inn Wedding67Grove Park Inn Wedding68Grove Park Inn Wedding69Grove Park Inn Wedding70Grove Park Inn Wedding71Grove Park Inn Wedding72Grove Park Inn Wedding73Grove Park Inn Wedding74Grove Park Inn Wedding75Grove Park Inn Wedding76The sun set beautifully just as Nikki walked down the isle, the perfect setting for a wedding.  And, the celebration at the reception was SO fun!

I have to say one of my favorite parts of the day was meeting their new puppy Murphy!  Isn’t he the cutest!

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