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Atlanta Lab Rescue Foster Dog | Koz

My heart goes out to all the rescue groups out there, Atlanta and surrounding areas…since I have been involved with Atlanta Lab Rescue I have only seen a small portion of the rescue world.  I have been in the midst of sad stories, joyous new beginnings, funny transport stories, and amazing ‘small world’ experiences.  I am pretty sure that all my friends think I am dog-crazy now, but I assure you, there is worse out there!  Ha-ha!

My little Koz is with another foster home this weekend and my heart is a little sad.  Sad because I totally vetted the last family that ‘adopted’ him.  I met them and spoke with them several times before I left Koz at their house last weekend.  I was NOT expecting their call on Sunday, at all, telling me they were not going to keep him.  They said he was showing signs or aggression, and I heard them out when they described the stories.  I cannot dismiss that how Koz was acting was aggressive.  However, I also stand with Koz because he sounded scared to me.  Like he did not have an advocate in that home, someone to teach him that he was safe and loved.  Part of that lesson is discipline, and the other half is love and affirmation.  I guess I am mostly sad that they did not want to take the time to invest in him.

We have had Koz in our home for 6 weeks now, and in the beginning I was ONLY taking them for the weekend.  Koz loves being a part of our family, but he also really needs his own family.  I am saying special prayers for this little guy today, and I wanted to share him with you all here just in case there was anyone reading who was looking for a little snuggle bug to add to their pack.  Koz is about 7 months old, he is a mid-sized lab mix, and he is SUPER chill.  Koz will not instigate play, but loves to play with other dogs, he is a fast learner and has already mastered the basics.  He is house-trainned, will sleep in the crate, but hates to be left in there during the day.  Koz loves to sleep in the dog bed with my dogs, and just likes being close.  He still has a lot to learn and would love to be in a home with another person who has the time to continue to train him.  I totally see Koz riding shot-gun with you around town, sleeping under your chair at the coffee shop, and playing with you in the park.  If anyone is interested, please email info@atlantalabrescue.com for more details.

***UPDATE*** Our little buddy has been adopted!!!  So thankful for his new home!

FUN + FREE things to do with your dog this summer!

Our dogs LOVE the water, and get to go to the lake quite a bit.  Another fun and free activity that we enjoy with our dogs is kayaking!  Our dogs wear harnesses so that we can help them in the boat.  They enjoy swimming and romping in the water while it is shallow, and can ride with us when it is deep or they are tired.  This summer we got to take our Magnolia out on the river for the first time!  As you can see in the video this girl LOVES the water, and Mason is SUPER excited too!

Mason and Magnolia Shoot-the-Hootch from Alana Joyner on Vimeo.

Just a few more pictures that I got along the way.  It is so nice to live in Roswell, easy access to such fun and outdoorsy things to do.  You do not need to go all the way into the mountains to enjoy the outdoors in Georgia!

Our dogs are our family, thanks for letting me share our little adventure with you!

Instagram Update ABJphoto!

June and July have really flown by…summer always seems so far away, so many fun plans, and then BOOM you are almost to August!  Here is a little Insta-Update of what we have been up to around here.  You can also view our daily happenings on the sidebar!  Lots of dogs, lake time, and friends visiting between school and work time.  This sumer we have hunkered down close to home due to David’s school schedule and it has been nice to escape to the lake on the weekends when we can.

Thank you to everyone following along as I go after my dream of full-time photography!  Digging into pet photography, and connecting with previous clients in new ways has been so fun!  Not to mention I am saving gas and my sanity not driving downtown everyday!  Thank you for your support and encouragement!

Atlanta Lab Rescue | Bark for Art Event

This past weekend the Atlanta Lab Rescue had their Bark for Art event in Buckhead!  It was a fun night of art, music, great food, and of course dogs!  Here are some highlights from the night.  This event sponsored the Atlanta Lab Rescue’s efforts to rescue and place dogs into loving homes.  It was my first time attending the Bark for Art event.  I was so excited to see all of the art up for auction, great gift baskets, Masters tickets, and so much more!  If you could not make it this year keep an eye out on the ALR facebook page next year and try to come, it makes for a great date night!

My foster baby Koz was the hit of the night, everyone loved him!  Now, just need to find that baby a home!Koz and Bug loved being able to hang out in an art gallery!  Can you imagine, two puppies in an art gallery?  Well, they were perfect!  Someone take these babies home?  Haha!  Sweet, sweet, puppies!

Want to meet some great dogs?  Join the Atlanta Lab Rescue at K9 Planet in Roswell for our adoption day this weekend: Saturday July 27th from 12-2pm!

Woodstock Family and Dog Photographer | Mack + Tonka

I recently spent the afternoon with a sweet family in Woodstock, GA and grabbed some fun photos of their Chocolate lab boys!  This family is a part of the Atlanta Lab Rescue alumni crew!  Mac and Tonka are true brothers, just a litter or two apart!  Rescued at the same time the Jeskey’s were extra awesome and adopted BOTH of them!

We spent the afternoon playing outside, and their family was kind enough to turn our photo session into a dinner party!  We shared a Mexican fiesta, and got to watch ‘The Boys” play.  I want to say a special thanks to the Jeskey’s for spoiling me with yummy food and kindness!  Mac + Tonka really won the lottery with this family!

At the end of the night the boys sent me out with some singing!  They sure know how to put on a show!

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