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Alpharetta Family and Dog Photography | Lucy, Cider, and Turner

A few weekends ago I received the sweetest email from a family who has been struck with some surprising news about their black lab, Turner.  Turner is living with cancer, and his family wanted to get together for some photos with this sweet boy to celebrate him and their lives together.  I was immediately a mix of emotions – so very THANKFUL that they contacted me, and also so heavy hearted for sweet Turner.  To love a dog, and to be LOVED by a dog, is such a joy.  I am excited to share these images with you.  Our session was full of fun, play, hiking, and laughter.

Lucy is a 9 year old labradoodle who is the matriarch of this “dog family”.  She loves to sniff and can balance a treat on her nose – she can catch it in her mouth!  Cider (LOVE that name) is a 9 year old yellow lab who is great off leash and full of love.  He was the best “poser” of the day – haha!  And, last but not least is Turner!  At 4 years old he is still strong and loves to play and run.  Turner was rescued from a barn by his brother Will and those two have a special bond!  As you can see this session encompasses everything I love: labs, rescues, and the outdoors!

Turner, Cider, and Lucy had a great time running around the ball park playing with ropes and squeakier toys, it was very cute!  We had our session at their favorite place to go for walks.

Thank you SO MUCH to the WHOLE family for coming out and braving the looming storm clouds!  It was such a fun afternoon, and I hope that these images bring smiles and warm memories!

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Claudia - You really captured some special pictures

Happy Fourth of July!

I am having an amazing week with my parents in town, and looking forward to more fun this 4th of July week!  Wishing you all a happy week with friends, and family!  I hope that you can watch some fireworks, and grill something yummy!

I am SO thankful for those who fight for our freedoms.  Thank you for your service and sacrifice!  Praying for all of our active duty members of the military, and for all of the military families as well.


310 Rosemont | Southern Proper Event with Atlanta Lab Rescue


Last night we got to hang out with the crew of 310 Rosemont at the Southern Proper Pool Party!  It was a fun event showcasing Southern Proper summer goodies, and we were there handing out info about our upcoming Atlanta Lab Rescue Event – Bark for Art!

Of course I had my camera in tow and some ALR fliers.  As a huge fan of black labs I had so much fun watching the new face of Southern Proper, River, bound around the shop like only sweet little pups can!   I was also SO EXCITED to meet the famous shop dogs at 310 Rosemont, I have heard so many fun stories about them, it was a treat to spend the night with them!

Our Atlanta Lab Rescue table!

Drinks, Southern Proper goodies, and snacks were a hit!

To find more about tickets to our Bark for Art event visit the site today!

Meet CHANEL and HANK!  They are the sweet shop dogs at 310 Rosemont, and dear to our Atlanta Lab Rescue hearts!

These two were decked out in their pool party gear, and showing off some pretty cool tricks throughout the night!

River knows how to have a good time!  He is a very playful puppy and had LOTS of attention last night.  But, how neat to be able to socialize your puppy and truly teach him about southern charm?

I had to share this photo, I can hear his little voice saying, “gosh guys I’m sleepy!”

Thank you to the amazing manager at 310 Rosemont, Jessica, for having us and for being such a wonderful hostess!

Thank you Jane for this photo!  I never make an appearance on the blog! 

Hank knows how to Paaar-tay!

So much fun with the ALR crew!!!  

That’s a wrap on such a fun night!  Please check out our Bark for Art page, and get yourself over to 310 Rosemont to dress your man in Southern Proper and find the perfect complimentary dress!

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Harper | Atlanta Dog Photographer

Say hello to Harper!  Another amazing Atlanta Lab Rescue dog, and beautiful chocolate lab!  Harper and her mama met me down by the river for our portrait session.  Harper loves the water, and loves to play ball!  I am so happy that she will also be in our Atlanta Lab Rescue 2014 calendar!

During our session Harper was so good, walking off leash on the trails and being brave even thought the river water was higher than normal!  As you will see she is a TRUE water dog!  Don’t you just LOVE that quality about labs?These shots are always some of my favorite – the owner with the ball, or favorite toy – the dog’s eyes always light up!I had to share this photo…the head dunk!  How many of you have dogs who do this?  Mine will for the ball, but even for a rock, or leaf, haha!

Harper is a happy girl!  I am excited to see her again at ALR events, and show her off in our calendar!

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Atlanta Lab Rescue Foster Dogs | Champ + Bailey

Meet my handsome foster babies Champ and Bailey!  They are from the Atlanta Lab Rescue and they need a spectacular home!  I mean, I may not give them up.  You may have to pry them out of my grip!  But, I will part with them only for the very best, and these two boys certainly deserve it!

Bailey and Champ are house trained, they do not make messes, or play with anything other than dog toys.  They are around 3 years old and fully vetted.  These boys know all the basics and will do anything for a snuggle and ear rub!  I cannot believe anyone could part with them, they are the perfect pair!  They are great around kids, love to snuggle in a dog bed together, love to play fetch, and so much more…

Below: Bailey (Golden Retriever) and Champ (Yellow Lab)

Bailey photo bomb!

This is our best attempt at getting all our pups in a photo…Bailey and Champ just love to be close, and it is hard to take a step back for the shot without them coming over for love.  And, well Mason is so nervous about doing the right thing he is watching David out of the corner of his eye!  Oh, and then there is Maggie…I know, perfect. 🙂

Bailey has the BEST smile!  He is playful and gentle…usually the last one to want to lay down…he does not like to miss any extra love!  Bailey is great off leash and knows many commands.  He is the quintessential Golden Retriever, he is all love!  

All my Atlanta Lab Rescue babies! (Champ, Bailey, and Magnolia)

Old Yeller…Oh, I mean Champ…is a gentle giant.  This sweet boy loves to play ball, sleep at your feet, and clean everyone’s food bowls!  Champ is the kindest soul and very interested in everything you do.  As you can see he is PURE lab goodness, he has all the perfect lab attributes.  When we picked up Champ on Sunday David was talking to him and said, “Well, if this is the Atlanta Lab Rescue…YOU are the Atlanta Lab!”  

These boys deserve a wonderful home to call their own.  They MUST be adopted together, but I am sure you can see why, they are the sweetest buddies you will ever meet.  PLEASE share this post with your friends that may be looking for the perfect companions!  And, you can fill out an application over on the Atlanta Lab Rescue website: http://www.labrescueofatlanta.com/howto.htm