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Buford, GA Dog Photography | Xena Bella, Mitch, and Bentley

I love Spring afternoons outside, especially if I get to share them with great pets and great people!  I recently spent an afternoon in Buford, GA with three great dogs!  Xena, Mitch, and Bentley are a mixed pack.  Xena and Mitch were found through the Atlanta Lab Rescue and will be showing up in our upcoming calendar.  Bentley is from a breeder, and boy is his handsome!  I love how different they are, and how sweet they are together.

Xena inspired Joanne and Connie to get involved with the Atlanta Lab Rescue.  Long time dog owners, and cat lovers, Joanne and Connie rescued Xena from a life she was not meant to live.  She was trained to sniff out trouble, but was not very interested in working in the field.  Left alone in a pen for far too long ALR came along and helped her find a safe and loving home.  She is so sweet, and quiet, and full of love- a true dream dog!

Meet Mitch!  Mitch has the cutest freckles and softest fur!  He entertained me all afternoon with his high jumps and love for playing fetch.  Mitch was rescued through Atlanta Lab Rescue and after bouncing around he found his way into Connie and Joanne’s home-  he had already found a place in their heart!

I Already told you how handsome Bentley was, and as you can see he is stunning!  Bentley is the youngest in this pack, but not the smallest!  If you grew up watching Lassie you will have a soft spot in your heart for this amazing Collie.  Bentley was very curious about the camera and not afraid to show off a little.  I have to say, he was the first real Collie I have ever met!I am looking forward to getting the ALR 2014 Calendar pulled together.  I have loved each photo session along the way & getting to hear the dog’s stories.  It has been fun getting to know my volunteer friends better as well!  Thank you SO much for letting me into your home, and for sharing your rescue stories!

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Roswell Business and Portrait Photographer | Jenny

I am excited to introduce Jenny to you all!  She is a nutritionist focusing on women’s health.  When Jenny contacted me a few months ago she mentioned needing new photos for her website, and she wanted to include her dalmatian Ollie in the session as well!  I was SUPER excited!  After some weather delays we finally got to meet up this past weekend.  It was such an amazing afternoon outside, and I really loved how this session played out: warm light, light breeze.  Special thanks to her husband Blake as well, who was patient with us as we had some fun taking portraits and even stepped in for a few!

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Magnolia | Atlanta Dog Photography

This is my Magnolia!  A fellow Atlanta Lab Rescue volunteer shared a neat photo site with me over the weekend, 500pix.com.  Y’all should check it out.  After spending way to much time on that site I created a little photo challenge for myself.  It was fun putting this shot together, and I am excited to see what it looks like in print!

Keep your eye out for another great session on the blog this week!

Rumple Family | Duke, Jake, Chelsea, Trooper, and Eddie :: Marietta Dog Photographer

Oh my goodness y’all!  I cannot make up my mind when picking photos to blog, ESPECIALLY when my subjects are as cute as these guys!  My blog is about to EXPLODE with lab love!

A few weeks ago I got to hang out with Duke, Jake, Chelsea, Trooper, and Eddie…ALL Atlanta Lab Rescue doggies!  I was introduced to them a few at a time, and soon we were exploring their back yard and getting to know each other (A few of you got to see previews over on TWITTER).

Please snuggle in as I introduce you to each of them, I have some fun group shots to share too!

Yes!  We even got a few photos of everyone together…and on a bench!!  The photo below has some pretty funny out-takes! 🙂

Say hello to Duke, the senior of the crew.   He was so loving and friendly right from the start, showing off his toys and tricks, always a smile on his face.

Jane got LOTS of kisses during our session!

Oh Jake, Jake from State Farm (like the commercial), haha!  Jake is so young at heart!  I swear he is two not six…he has such a neat personality, and as you can see in many of the photos below, not afraid to check out what everyone else is going.

Chelsea is a little camera shy, but not afraid of telling these boys who’s boss!  She is the lady of the pack and even wears her own set of pearls! 

Oh Trooper, what a handsome boy!  Trooper is going to be in our Atlanta Lab Rescue calendar!  I will never forget when we first went outside Trooper ran right to his “pantry” and got a stick to show off.  He keeps his collection of sticks and things in one area of the yard under a canopy of trees, hence the name “Trooper’s Pantry”.

**update** Trooper lost his front leg as a result of a hunting accident.  The owner vetted him and then turned him into the Dekalb animal shelter. 🙁  Thank goodness for divine intervention,and the work of the ALR volunteers he found his way to his forever home!

Eddie is last, but not least!  He reminds me so much of my Mason.  I think Eddie plays hard to get…here is why…when I first arrived Eddie stayed back, gave me a few sniffs.  He was shy in his first photos, BUT then he started coming around with a rope to show me, and then it was a stick. By the end of the night he jumped right up on the couch next to me and snuggled in!  To me, that was the highest compliment!  

I love the rest of these shot because we just got to just hang out a bit.  I have so many it was hard to select what to share, but I thought some of these really caught the essence of the Rumple’s pack.  These pups are so fun, I cannot wait to come over and visit, I might have even offered to dog-sit!  Hehe!

I am SO THANKFUL to the Rumples of letting me come to their home!  I had a blast, and left with my heart so full.  This is an all-star lab rescue team!  And, these pups made it to paradise when they met Tom and Jane. 🙂

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Today is DAY ONE.

As of today I am living my dream as a full-time photographer.  This dream has been burning in my heart for a while now, and so at the beginning of April I had to share with my co-workers that I was going to be leaving the Governor’s office at the end of the month. Throughout April my head and heart were filled with mixed emotions.  Should I really do this? Am I walking away from something that is too good to be true? Do I have what it takes to really run my business? I even had a few dreams that someone stole my identity at the office!

I wanted today to set a tone for my business.  I wanted to not just take a few days off, but really hit the ground running.  Let it be known the t.v. has not been on all day.  I started the day reflecting on yesterday and my past 4 1/2 years at the capitol.  I thanked the Lord for his affirmation this morning that I am right where HE wants me.  And, I headed out to help our Lab Rescue friends. I wanted to share Churchill with you in more detail.

I dare you to look into his eyes and not be moved.  I wish that I could also convey how this gentle giant moves when he walks.  How he sits close to those he trusts.  How inside this broken body is still a spirit of love and a heart that wants to play.

I fed him a treat trying to win his trust and attention.  It was at that moment that I started to tear up…he has no front teeth.  My heart sank.  My eyes are watering as I even remember it now.

I squeaked a ball and his head turned just like a puppy and he looked down for it.  I had to put down my camera for a while and just love on him.  He is like every lab that we pay $$$ for from a breeder.  Who knows!  Maybe he came from one?  But why did he end up tied outside to a chain?  We as humans mess things up sometimes…big time.  They think his teeth came out from trying to get out of his chain and also malnutrition.  Yet, he is one of the sweetest spirits I have ever met.

A special angel.

Churchill made my day.  In a lot of ways he is just like all of the other labs we see in the rescue, in need of love and attention, a safe place to sleep.  I am at a loss for words though when trying to share his spirit with you all.  I hope you can see it in his eyes.

I will never forget my DAY ONE.  I am SO thankful that it is only the beginning!

To keep up with Churchill and other sweet lab loves visit the Atlanta Lab Rescue, and please come check them out this Saturday at K9 Planet in Roswell!

Naomi - Hi Alana,

Congrats on your Day 1 as a full time business owner! I know everyone at the capital misses you, but I am excited for you on your new start!

Thanks for sharing the photos and the story of Churchill. Dogs are so forgiving, and I wish people could be more like them.

I won’t be able to come to the adoption this Saturday with Bard since I have to work, and I will be taking a break from fostering labs while I am traveling. But I hope to see you when I come back and start fostering again.

– Naomi

Alana - Naomi! Thank you! You will be missed, but please stay in touch. You know where to find me! 🙂 I hope that you have a great summer!