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Down By The Riverside…

We love taking the dogs to the river.

There are so many “firsts” ahead for Maggie this summer: the river, kayak trips, jumping off the dock at the lake, swimming at the beach, and chasing the largest birds she has ever seen!  We visited a new section of the river the other day.  Not the most dog-friendly section, but great for playing volleyball and they even had this outdoor workout area.  Really cool, but no great spots to just jump in the water and play, or run off-leash a little while.  Non-the-less, we had a good time, and the section we went to was maybe 5 minutes from our house- tops.  I am excited for these new adventures, and getting to share them with our baby girl this summer!  If you all know any great dog friendly sections of the Chattahoochee let me know!  We want to get out and meet new friends this summer!

We walked out on this crew dock and the light was just blasting through this huge tree…I am glad I had my camera on me!  You can see my little family below.  Magnolia always has her eyes on her mama…Mason always has his eyes on the geese!

Life is like this sometimes…all twisty-tangled up…those are the moments I cherish our little walks by the river.

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Atlanta Lab Rescue Adoption Day | Roswell Dog Photography

We had an awesome day Saturday at K-9 Planet in Roswell!  Other than a bit of a sunburn, the day was a huge success!  New dogs found homes, foster families, and had their first showing.  David and I can’t always bring another dog home to OUR pack, but have had the great honor of helping these and other dogs find forever homes!  To find out more about these dogs, and others, LIKE our ABJ Photography Facebook Page and check out the dogs on the ATL Lab Rescue Petfinder page!

Toffee (below) is a beautiful tripod lab that came into our care (ATL Lab Rescue) a few weeks ago.  She is getting along SO well, and would make any family complete!  We hope to show you another tripod pup from the rescue in a few weeks as I gather images for our upcoming project.

Buddy is a little sweetheart!  Look at that adorable face!  He was totally showing off for the camera on Saturday!

Ariel (above) and Noel (below) are looking for good homes!  Ariel could really use a great foster family too!

Handsome boys showing off their ball handling skills!
We LOVE helping out at the Atlanta Lab Rescue!  To find out more about adoption and fostering check out their site today!

Maxine + Jacki | Atlanta Dog Photographer

In Atlanta lives a dog named Maxine!  She is a beautiful Rottweiler who has lived quite an interesting life!  I have to say, when I got to Maxine’s house, I was not sure if she was going to let me in her yard…but after introductions we became fast friends!

Jacki + Maxine are the best of friends.  When I first spoke to Jacki on the phone I could tell that Max was a special girl, and they had a special bond.  I got to meet Jacki, her daughter, and Maxine this past weekend.  We had a great time relaxing in the yard, taking some photos, and laughing as Maxine entertained us with her personality, and some singing!

Maxine is truly one of the girls!  I could hang out on the deck with her all afternoon.  She had her eye on Jacki the whole time, and at her center, she is a girl with a mission- to take care of her mama.  Thank you Max for letting me hang out in YOUR yard, and thank you Jacki for allowing me to photograph you and your girls!  It was such a great afternoon.

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Atlanta Lab Harper | Decatur Dog Photographer

Meet Harper y’all!  Rescued and loving life in Decatur, Harper is one of the models for the special project I am working on for Atlanta Lab Rescue…I mean, seriously, look at that sweet face?!?

Harper is a one year old lab mix- a special blend of Lab, German short-haired pointer, love-bug, hound, high jumper, and now model. She was kind enough to show me around her town on one of these amazing pre-spring weekends!

During our tour, we got to visit the Decatur courthouse, and courtyard.  She kept a watchful eye out for friends, and treats.

I love the expressions on her face, and the added detail in her ears…I have a special place in my heart for puppies with big ears!

I know this face, it is the face of a girl who will melt your heart!

The image below may need to be hung on the wall of cuteness in my office!

Such a fun play date Miss Harper!  I hope out paths cross again some day!  I am SO happy that you are with your forever family!!!!

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Baby Bentley | Atlanta Lab Rescue Puppy

Baby Bentley came to stay with us a few days ago and has already snuggled his way into our hearts forever!  He is a foster puppy, so he is still waiting on his “forever home.”  You better believe I am loving my role as foster mama while it lasts!

Bentley is a little guy at only 8 weeks, but he has a big personality!  Above all, he is such a good boy.  Mason and Magnolia are teaching him new tricks and the routine of the house.  I often get a glimpse in Maggie’s eyes, as if she is saying, “mom, do I have to babysit again?” As any teenager would.  She is taking such good care of him, and is so gentle with him, even though he is often locked-in on her jaw or ear.

We had a little photo session the first day we had him, so as he woke up from an afternoon nap we got to explore and play.  Looking back at these images, after having him a little while longer, I can see how true they are to his little big personality!

Balls and Sticks…a lab’s true love!

Sweet baby boy, you are loved!

To find out more about adopting an Atlanta Lab Rescue dog please visit their site: Atlanta Lab Rescue.