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Fridays LIVE!

I confess, I skipped a week!  Oh well, I figured that you all probably got the picture of what we were up to last week with Eric and Mary Frances.  See the postings below for more on that…

Last weekend was somewhat of a break.  I did however do the annual “spring cleaning” at our house.  With the pace of life right now in full gear, it was a welcomed cleaning weekend.  I have always said you can tell by my house and the level of piles how busy I am.  And, well, we had some major piles.  Piles of what? Well, I will leave that to your imagination! Ha-ha.  I did take a break to enjoy a lovely Braves baseball game, and tried to capture Perimeter Christian School singing the National Anthem.  I would not call it a big fat fail, but we were not allowed on the field for a better angle nor did the people standing in front of us move.  But, I got a few shots.  I did not feel very “professional” that night.  I DID however meet Thelma, the lady guarding the isle I wanted to go down, and she was a hoot.  She let me sit a while behind the dug-out.  That is cool right?  I was also mistaken for one of the people that take photos of people at the game (that could be a fun job).  After some minor confusion, and a little help from Thelma, I was not expected to take the random man’s photo.  But, I confess I said I would because I mean, that is what I do, and I had some business cards on me…

This weekend we are shooting our first wedding of the summer!  I cannot wait!  I hope that the rain holds off Saturday at 5pm in Charlotte, NC.  Can anyone help me with that?  I am sure it will be amazing either way, they always are!  Happy weekend y’all!

Eric and Mary Frances : Engaged (part two)

I have been waiting all day to show these photos…it was a long day…but I am so thankful to share a few images tonight!  I feel like I have been in a happy place for the past few days.  It is officially the start of our season and we have a full calendar for the next few months.  Praise God!  What a year!  Anyway, I could not be more happy to start with such an amazing couple.  You can tell they are very much in love, and are going to be very blessed in life together!  Like I said in the last blog – I was very happy to have their session in Roswell.  We headed to the Roswell Mill area for the second half of our time together.  You can tell it was a hot spot, I think we saw at least three other photo sessions going on at the same time.  I think when you see these images you will know why…it is such a sweet area of town.

I love how these two make each other laugh, how comfortable they are together, and their willingness to have a good time.

Eric and Mary Frances we cannot wait to celebrate with you all in July!  We had such a great time, and hope that you enjoy this season in life with each other!

Ellen Goldader - Love the pictures Alana and David!

Eric and Mary Frances : Engaged (Part One)

Sunday afternoon was SO amazing!  After having to reschedule with Eric and Mary Frances a few weekends ago due to the super cold and rainy weather that came through we were all excited to get out in the sunshine and take some photos!  We talked about a few different locations to meet up for their session and landed in Roswell.  Y’all know how much we love Roswell!  Yet, we have not had the opportunity to photograph anyone in our sweet town.  We began on Canton St. and made our way down side streets.  I totally appreciate their willingness to laugh and share that time with us!  This was just the beginning of our time together, I have one more location to share with you in the days ahead.  But, I could not wait to share these!

I cannot wait to share more with you….ohhh so soon!

Fridays LIVE! : Late Night Edition

Recently, I think that my goal in business is to learn more about photography through any experience that I can.  I think that I have been saying that over and over the past few weeks- but it is the truth.  Being new to business compared to my mentors in the industry I feel driven to learn and to grow any way that I can.  Maybe we are not making enough (yet) to buy the best equipment that money can buy, maybe I cannot afford to pay thousands to travel and learn from the best (yet), and maybe it is just all about digging deep and doing the best I can and learning any way possible.  Why? to do what I love, and to have the most amazing experiences with clients and friends.  Ah!  I love this job!

Anyway, as seen in the last post we are playing a lot with no flash and low light situations.  Last weekend, while at Lake Martin in Alabama for Easter, I had another chance to play.  These are a few quick shots taken between basketball games Saturday night…just before Duke took their next step toward victory!

The sky in these images is INSANE!  It was SO dark out, but the camera was still able to pull out all that light.  Cameras are magic, they really are, they are so cool!  Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing our first engagement session of the season with you all next week, and getting this wedding season party started!  Holllaaaa!

The sky is the limit…

Patti - WOW! Is that our cabin? The owner may like some of those shots when it goes back on the market.