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A little Shout-out from Jamie Deen

Do you watch the food network?  Don’t you just love Paula Deen, Savannah, or possibly her son Jamie?  I had the chance to take some photos for Jamie while he was in Atlanta.  You can check out why he was in Atlanta and his SHOUT OUT to me HERE.  And, also see some other images HERE.

Y’all! I have never been to Savannah, and need to get over there sometime soon!  I really hope that we can book a wedding there this year and all my Savannah dreams come true!  Like eating at The Lady and Sons Restaurant, and dipping my toes in the ocean!  I am a Carolina coastal girl and pretty partial to my hometown beaches…I cannot wait to see what the sweet Georgia beaches have to offer!

But, until then, and because every post is better with a photograph, here is the lovely Wrightsville Beach one amazing sunrise morning!

I’ll take advice from the Pioneer Woman!

I have been following the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, for a while now.  She is super witty and cooks up some yummy stuff in her kitchen.  I love how she photo documents the steps as she cooks.  My husband would tell you that I will more likely order something off of a menu at a restaurant if there is a photo.  That’s just how my brain works…and my stomach, I guess!  The Pioneer Woman also has a photography section where she tells readers about photo tricks and things that she is learning about photo editing.  I like to check in and see what people from all over submit during her photo projects.  Recently she was writing about adding grain to a photo, and my mind went back to a recent wedding where I did the same thing just playing around in post production.  It kinda gives a “film” look…remember film, haha!  Anyway, here is the image I took and edited:

She also has a killer Chicken Parmasan recipe!  A little labor involved, but so SO yummy!  Check it out HERE!

Address to the State- Governor Sonny Perdue’s Photographer

Something that I do not talk a lot about on here, but that some of you may know, is that I am  not only a wedding and family photographer but also the photographer for the Governor of Georgia.  It is such a wonderful opportunity and privilege to take part in this journey.  Today was a great day as he gave his final State of the State Address.  Here is one of my favorites from the day…