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Our Journey as ABJ Photography

I have spent plenty of time this week reading the blogs I love and catching up on what this past year meant to those writing, and where they were headed in the new year.  Some shared goals, some photos, and some lists.  But, we heard a great message at church on Sunday that has stuck in my head…it was about not setting goals to be accomplished in the new year, but rather thinking about who to be in the new year.  David and I set a “Staff Meeting” for the next day (that’s right, staff as in my husband and I, just the two of us that see each other every day) and I wanted to bring that idea to the table.  Who do WE as ABJ Photography want to be in the new year? 

This was an awesome and positive thing for us!  We created a mission statement, and put down words that we want to fall in line under like: relationships, hard work, real, homemade, consistent, growing, creative, fun, tradition, open-minded…all of these words helped us to form that mission statement because they are all things we believe.  A couple that echoed over and over were relationships and valued.  We want to care for our clients well, better than the year before, and in new ways.  This way, they will know they are valued.

So who do I want to be in the new year? Who do we want to be?  Well, I am not going to give that nugget away just yet.  But, I do hope that I can have the strength to share a little more here on the Blog about it through words and images.  A little more real life, and a lot more love.  Not just my love for photography, but the love that people have for each other on wedding days, family days, growing days, play days, and on and on and on… 

We are certainly on a journey.

Merry Christmas Y’all!

We hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and we wish you all a Happy New Year! We were blessed to spend time with family and friends this holiday. I wanted to share a little bit of our last min. photo-op for our card…I think we picked the coldest morning of December!!! We would like to thank our tri-pod and camera for the photo, haha!

Atlanta Falcons “Shop With A Jock” – Tony Gonzalez Foundation

This week David and I had the opportunity to hang out with 50 kids from Atlanta Union Mission as well as several of the Atlanta Falcons football players.  The team members came together to shop with the kids for Christmas.  The kids each received Wal-Mart gift card and the company of a player.  It was such a blast watching the kids!  They were so excited, and had no idea when they arrived what was about to happen.  I am pretty sure that they were told they were going bowling or something…what a surprise to hang out with some professional football players instead!

Special thanks to Entertainers & Athletes Group | EAG Sports Management and please be sure to check out The Tony Gonzalez Foundation.






I love the image above, where Ovie Mughelli is hugging the two girls he went shopping with- at the end he suprised them with a new DVD players!  And this image below is also cute.  I love the HUGE size difference!




We wish all the kids and players a Merry Christmas! We were certainly blessed to be a part in such a fun event!  Hopefully we will be invited back again next year.

Holly - What a cool event! It is so great that you get to be a part of stuff like this.

Mistletoe, and holly…Roswell, GA Family Photography

Last weekend David and I had the pleasure of hanging out with the Hene family in Milton, GA.  We were so impressed with the location of their home- there were horses with riders just trotting down the street, a ton of open land, rolling hills, and a certain peace that you rarely get so close to the city.  We met Doug and Heather through our involvement with the North Fulton Young Life Committee, and were excited to meet their two sweet boys!  I loved watching the younger one follow in the steps of his older brother, you can tell he looks up to him a lot.  One other thing I love about these photos are the small accents of Christmas that you can catch in the photos: garland, tree lights, and red ribbons.  Tis’ the Season…

hene01 copy

hene02 copy


hene12 copy

hene05 copy

hene06 copy

hene07 copy

hene08 copy

hene09 copy



Trudy Hene - I loved these pictures…we’ve got a beautiful, happy family!
Great pictures!

Whitney Curtis - Beautiful!!! What sweet little pair of brothers.