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Wedding On A Budget

We all have budgets.  My husband and I do as well, both in business and for our personal lives.  I  know what it is like to throw a wedding within a budget, and we all hear that word come up when planning an event.  We may have different $$$ signs that we need to keep an eye on, some larger than others, and we all have different ideas of what is most important. I want to encourage all brides to use their resources and talents, and think out of the box when it comes to planning the small and large details.  It can be overwhelming at times, but there are SO many amazing online sites out there to help.  I will never take anything back about my wedding day, but I sure think it would have been cool to know about some of the bloggers out there.

I was digging around for some personal info and came across this little nugget: http://www.daveramsey.com/article/planning-your-wedding-on-a-budget/lifeandmoney_relationshipsandmoney/ that talks about one option of how to plan a wedding on a budget.  Not to mention, that there are many wonderful DIY sites out there and “real wedding” blogs that allow you to see some DIY projects in use.  Maybe these can help your creative juices flow…and save you a buck or two?  Here are some of my favorites:



Enjoy! And, Happy Monday!

Nancy Wilcox - Hi,

I’m looking for some pricing information on your wedding packages. Our daughter is getting married on either Nov 6th or Nov14th. Do you have availability either of those days?
The wedding will be down off of Abernathy with the reception to follow at 7:30pm-10:30pm. We are deciding between Venue 92 and the Roswell Historic Cottage.

We would need about 6 hours of your time.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Nancy Wilcox

Thank you for your laughter…

This past year we were blessed to travel the southeast to photograph your weddings and families.  Thank you for all the laughter and joy.  I love that I get to be a photographer.  I love that I get to photograph such amazing people…y’all rock…I mean it!

Thank you that more of you want us to photograph your life!  Wow, thank you!

Beth - Great images!

Our Journey as ABJ Photography

I have spent plenty of time this week reading the blogs I love and catching up on what this past year meant to those writing, and where they were headed in the new year.  Some shared goals, some photos, and some lists.  But, we heard a great message at church on Sunday that has stuck in my head…it was about not setting goals to be accomplished in the new year, but rather thinking about who to be in the new year.  David and I set a “Staff Meeting” for the next day (that’s right, staff as in my husband and I, just the two of us that see each other every day) and I wanted to bring that idea to the table.  Who do WE as ABJ Photography want to be in the new year? 

This was an awesome and positive thing for us!  We created a mission statement, and put down words that we want to fall in line under like: relationships, hard work, real, homemade, consistent, growing, creative, fun, tradition, open-minded…all of these words helped us to form that mission statement because they are all things we believe.  A couple that echoed over and over were relationships and valued.  We want to care for our clients well, better than the year before, and in new ways.  This way, they will know they are valued.

So who do I want to be in the new year? Who do we want to be?  Well, I am not going to give that nugget away just yet.  But, I do hope that I can have the strength to share a little more here on the Blog about it through words and images.  A little more real life, and a lot more love.  Not just my love for photography, but the love that people have for each other on wedding days, family days, growing days, play days, and on and on and on… 

We are certainly on a journey.