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Tanya & Hugh are engaged!- Atlanta Engagment Session

I do not think that I could possibly forget meeting Tanya and Hugh for the first time. It was the beginning of this fall rainy season we’ve had, and before the Atlanta floods- it felt like it was raining for days. We met for coffee, talked about their plans, and about photography. My favorite part was at the end, when they said they kinda knew all along that they wanted to book us! That really is the best feeling…they had confidence knowing what they wanted in a photographer, and I was extremely encouraged that they chose us! So, we set a date right then for this engagement shoot.

We could not have gotten a more perfect day to take pictures! And, what a difference from that rainy day at Starbucks. It was wonderful to be outside in the sun, walking through tall grasses, and getting to know this absolutely fabulous couple. I love looking back over the images of that day because they did such a great job posing for pictures. But the ones we love are those shots in between the camera clicks. Those that are unexpected. Those are the moments that bring the memories of that warm fall afternoon rushing back to your mind, and make you smile. Enjoy!
Our first stop was Marietta Square, only to find out that Homecoming photos were taking place! But, Tanya and Hugh rocked it anyway, and we found some pretty fun spots to escape the crowds.

If you follow us on TWITTER at all, you might have seen all my tweets about how AMAZING of an afternoon we had! I absolutely love this city when I can drive a short distance outside of the hustle and bustle to land in a field that makes you feel like you are in North Georgia! This may have been my favorite part…

What an amazing day! We cannot wait to be with you on your wedding day! Congratulations you guys!!!

Beth - Very nice!

Weekend shoot preview

I am sitting here right now dreaming about this past weekend. The chill outside and the rainy morning weather have NOTHING on this steamy hot picture! I cannot wait to share the amazing images that I have been working on with you oh-so-soon! And, in the mean time, bask with me in the memory of warm sun rays on your face.

Praying for an Indian Summer…
Another sample shot on our twitter page HERE!

Picasso Perfect Photography - These engagement photographs are amazing and beautiful!! You did a wonderful job with them!

I am giving in…

I will admit, that although I love summer and everything that encompasses that season, I am giving in to this amazing weather. We had a few moments all together this afternoon to romp and play out in the yard!

Now…if the mosquitos would all die I would be happy!

Perks of the job

Some of you may be asking, “where have y’all been?” Our blog time has not been what we would like for it to be, and hopefully this will be the end of our dry spell. Fellow Atlanta friends know, it sure isn’t dry around here anymore!

Some fun news is that I have been working with the Governor of Georgia as his photographer, and one of the perks of the job is the ability to travel with him. A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of flying in a helicopter to Dalton, GA. On the way back to ATL I snapped a few shots of the city.

Although it is really overcast with low clouds, here is Buckhead:The rest are from our approach to the city and the state capitol building.

Allen & Whitney are Married!- Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer- Furman University Wedding

It has been So so fun going through the images from Allen and Whitney’s wedding! I think the best thing about it is that we really got to know them during their engagement session early this spring – so when it came time for the wedding we all were at ease. I also just had a feeling from the very first phone call that we were going to have so much fun with this couple, and that we were really starting a new friendship! I want to thank Whitney for her excitement on the phone from day one, for trusting us with her wedding day images, and for sharing a slice of life with us!

We started the day off late morning in the hotel, getting ready and grabbing a bite to eat before we all piled into our vans to hit the town for pictures. The entire day was filled with laughter, happy tears, a ton of love, and sweet memories. We all danced well into the night, but I think that we can all say that time really did fly by…and like the old saying goes, it really was because we were having so much fun!

I wish that I could post all the images here for you right now, it was really hard narrowing down what ones to share! I hope that you enjoy what you see, and that you can feel the emotion in the images. I’ve added a few below that we really like, and a few that make me smile! Please take a chance to view the slide show at the end for more of the story of the day, and if you cannot wait until the end, do not hesitate to skip to that first…it is worth it!


I had to add this last image mainly because these two were cracking me up on the sidelines all afternoon! I got the little flower girl to warm up to the camera just before the ceremony. We were making silly faces and looking at them on the camera screen. But, it did not surprise me that she decided to go ahead a take a seat while the ring bearer went on to the front. I think they had a blast! I just get a little giggle out of these two, and always love the humor of a child!

robin - these are wonderful, Alana!!! They have so much personality! Well done!

Claudia - Beautiful bride…handsome groom…great pictures!!

Keith Storm - Great Photos!

Ryan - It looks like the couple is having a lot of fun! Nice work, great shots!

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