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Allen & Whitney are Married!- Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer- Furman University Wedding

It has been So so fun going through the images from Allen and Whitney’s wedding! I think the best thing about it is that we really got to know them during their engagement session early this spring – so when it came time for the wedding we all were at ease. I also just had a feeling from the very first phone call that we were going to have so much fun with this couple, and that we were really starting a new friendship! I want to thank Whitney for her excitement on the phone from day one, for trusting us with her wedding day images, and for sharing a slice of life with us!

We started the day off late morning in the hotel, getting ready and grabbing a bite to eat before we all piled into our vans to hit the town for pictures. The entire day was filled with laughter, happy tears, a ton of love, and sweet memories. We all danced well into the night, but I think that we can all say that time really did fly by…and like the old saying goes, it really was because we were having so much fun!

I wish that I could post all the images here for you right now, it was really hard narrowing down what ones to share! I hope that you enjoy what you see, and that you can feel the emotion in the images. I’ve added a few below that we really like, and a few that make me smile! Please take a chance to view the slide show at the end for more of the story of the day, and if you cannot wait until the end, do not hesitate to skip to that first…it is worth it!


I had to add this last image mainly because these two were cracking me up on the sidelines all afternoon! I got the little flower girl to warm up to the camera just before the ceremony. We were making silly faces and looking at them on the camera screen. But, it did not surprise me that she decided to go ahead a take a seat while the ring bearer went on to the front. I think they had a blast! I just get a little giggle out of these two, and always love the humor of a child!

robin - these are wonderful, Alana!!! They have so much personality! Well done!

Claudia - Beautiful bride…handsome groom…great pictures!!

Keith Storm - Great Photos!

Ryan - It looks like the couple is having a lot of fun! Nice work, great shots!

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Atlanta Bridal Portraits- Piedmont Park Bridal Portrait Session

A couple weekends ago we helped out a local bride and did some bridal portraits out at Piedmont Park. First of all, I have never been there when it was SO busy! But, that is what amazing weather will do! We connected, found out that she went to the same school as my husband, and that her fiance was even in his fraternity! Small, small world!

We were only together for a couple hours, but we had a blast! And, I think we got some fun stuff too! I hope that y’all have a great wedding, and many happy years of marriage!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

This past weekend we had the pleasure of spending Saturday with Allen and Whitney, and their amazing family and friends! The weather called for rain, but we were not havin’ it! The skies were BLUE, Furman campus was deliciously GREEN, and every aspect of the day was a true JOY! Here is a sneak peak at what we captured that day…but it is just the beginning. I cannot wait to share more of these jewels with you as I search through them myself!

If you would like to pre-register for this event to be notified when the images are released please visit: http://www.pictage.com/628339

Izzy - Alana– these are amazing! We had such a fun day with you!

Jake & Lucy are married!- Wilmington, NC Wedding Photographer

I first connected with Lucy back at the beginning of the year. We have been anxiously awaiting this wedding season, and certainly feel like time went quickly- all of a sudden the wedding was upon us! We got to travel to my hometown of Wilmington, NC. Great to be on familiar ground! We met the ladies at the salon first thing Saturday morning. We sat in while they had their hair and make-up done, and as they started the day off with some good laughs and a few tears. We were quickly accepted into the mix, and were so pleased to enjoy the day alongside such a sweet family!

I know that I have been sharing some images along the way this past week. But, there are so many more, and I wanted to do ONE more from this wedding with a slideshow to tell a short story of the day! Here are just a few more favorites!!

I LOVE this reaction! Lucy got to see her make-up for the first time at the very end. She was beautiful!

Thank you Lucy and Jake for allowing us to be there with you on your wedding day! We had a blast! We wish you many happy years of marriage!


Lucy - I can't get over what a great job you did with our wedding. We were so fortunate to have you by our side all day (and night!) to capture the happiest day of our lives. We genuinely thank you for a job beyond well done. You are extremely talented and both of you were a pleasure to work with!

Cynthia Lee - Wow!!!! Lucy- you look amazing. The two of you look just as every single bride and groom should on their special day…. AMAZINGLY HAPPY!!!!! Alana, I am so impressed! I had goose bumps from the 5th picture on. What a fantastic job! It was a blessing to be a part of this big day. THANK YOU!!!!
Cynthia Lee & Djenana Ninkovic
Moxie Floral Design Studio
P.S. Alana, I WILL be contacting you for a photo or two!!! I need cards for the Studio!