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Big Move!

I wanted to share with you all what we have been working on the past few weeks! No, it is not wedding photography, although we cannot wait for our next wedding…but moving! We bought our FIRST HOME and have been working our tails off. I took a few snap shots the other morning and put them together in a photo collage for you to see! I tried to NOT take pictures of all the boxes and piles, but of some of the neat details that I found that morning.

We will be back in action in a few weekends for a hometown wedding (for me)! I cannot wait… so please stay posted for that wedding and other images to come!

Julie P - Moving is always such a grand experience! The joy of decorating, starting new, excitement.. have fun! Great photo collage!

Wedding accessory – DIY

I have been wanting to start up a weekly DIY post for wedding day ideas, to both add style, an element of GREEN living, and some how-to’s for doing it on the cheap. There are so many sites out there with amazing ideas these days, why not help spread the information around! I have been finding these lovely hair accessories at some fun stores, and could not wait to share the DIY info I found with you all. I hope that these wedding DIY post can inspire someone, and if they do we would love to hear how it worked out!

I absolutely love these feather and flower headbands… like these found at Anthropologie:
I caught a bit of the Martha Stewart Show a few weeks back and they were making some of these lovely hair pieces! I wanted to share the link with you all because it is such an easy, inexpensive way to add some style to your wedding party, or own wedding day attire! If you are SUPER crafty, why not make them as bridesmaids gifts, and have the ladies wear them with their bridesmaids dresses. OR how about buy a couple bottles of wine, some crafting materials, and hang out after the rehearsal and have each bridesmaid craft their own for the day?!?!

Here is the link to the Martha Stewart site for instructions and a video on how to DIY your own headbands! Click HERE for that crafty goodness!

Alana - I actually made a headband similar a couple weeks ago! I will post images soon!

Blake & Katie are married!- Durham Wedding Photographer

A few months ago over facebook my friend Katie and I started reconnecting. She was newly engaged, and I was so excited to hear the story! Our lives had gone in different directions…hers lead to Colorado, and then Texas. And, mine was Asheville, NC and then down to Atlanta. But, it was so special to be able to hear Katie tell me about a man named Blake, that I had also known about all those years ago! I remember sitting on my bed for at least an hour getting the whole story, and realizing what wonderful timing for these two to be reconnected and getting married.

Blake and Katie dated back in college, so it is so sweet to see how the Lord has worked things out in their personal lives, and how that makes their bond now even stronger. One of my favorite parts of the service was an Ebenezer that they had their family and friends build near the altar to represent each significant place they have been over the past few years, and to signify coming together. I know that meant a lot to those attending the service to hear more of their love story! They titled the weekend, “A great day in May!” It sure was!

Thank you Blake and Katie for having us at your wedding! For being good friends, and such a relaxed and amazing couple! We were honored to spend Memorial Weekend at the wedding of a soldier and his bride!!!
I absolutely love the next few with Katie and her dad! It is always so sweet the way a dad’s face will light up the first time he sees his daughter dressed for her wedding day. And, the way they steal a few last glances of their daughters just before they go down the isle.

I love all the expressions in this picture. The crowd was gathering to pray for the couple, and Blake stole one last look at those gathering around them.

Something Katie and I talked about in our first phone call was the entire wedding party walking over to the reception just a block away. We had fun taking our time over there, and grabbing some creative shots.


whitney - Love the photos! especially the brick wall and the street photo. wonderful job!

Pictage Member: Emphasis Photography


Julie P - Although all weddings are special, a military wedding always tugs at my heart!

Miguel Pola - super fun shots! Love them!

Dominic Stanley - Love the military weddings! Great images captured here!

Katie - great expressions. you really captured the essence of this couple

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a true honor getting to photograph the wedding of a soldier this weekend. Blake served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. We solute all the soldiers who have lived and died for our country!!!
These were just a few images from the wedding. We will have a full slide show up by the end of the week!!!

Julie P - Great details!

Durham, NC wedding

We just got home from our road trip to NC this weekend! I…LOVE…THAT…STATE! OK, maybe it is just because I was raised there. It sure felt good to be back in the homeland. David and I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding in Durham, NC. The weather was perfect, the day was amazing, and we loved each second that we got to spend with Katie and Blake! I could not resist adding just one image…many more to come!