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Refining our craft

What do we do in our spare time here at ABJ Photography?

Well, we are constantly education ourselves! We are always learning, growing, refining, and trying to make ourselves better for our clients. It does not matter the genre: Internet, blog, Photoshop, marketing, equipment, location design. David and I can be found investing ourselves in anything to better our brand. Why? You may ask…it is simple, we want to do the best we can for our brides and families.

Today I was testing new tools on Photoshop, the program that we use to refine our images. We fully believe that Photoshop does not “make” the image, but the client along with our education,equipment, and experience should make the images. But, Photoshop has so much depth and creative capabilities it would be hard to pass up using the program.

I really like the images below. It is a brushstroke tool, to give the image an almost painted look. Not to mention, my greatest model of all times….Tess, our sweet black lab. She has been on hand to test new equipment and locations since our business opened, and years before. She is one of the great loves of my life! Enjoy!

Wilmington {family photographer}

Almost nine years ago I walked into a room full of freshman to see about becoming a Young Life leader. I knew a few people, enough to feel confident going there alone. But, I did not know a lot of people in that room…kinda intimidating. Luckily, out of that group I gained a wealth of friendships. One of those ladies in the room was Stephanie, and over the next few years we became really close. I cannot believe that nine years have gone by so quickly! She has been married a few years now, and when I heard a year ago {at my wedding} that she was expecting a baby I knew that little one was sure to be blessed with an amazing mom and dad!

We had a chance to reconnect with Stephanie, Andrew, and their new baby Oliver just last weekend. What a sweet little boy! He is so strong, and good looking. It was so fun to lock eyes with him during our session on the beach. It is surreal to think that even something as simple as a windy beach day is so new and so fresh to him. Something he has never really experienced, but will totally be such a part of his sweet life on the coast of North Carolina. We loved every minute of the shoot, and hope that you enjoy the pictures. I am sure that you will be able to feel the love radiating out of each image, as we do!Thank you OT for your inquisitive stare, and beautiful blue eyes. Thank you Stephanie and Andrew for being so amazing, and loving us so well! <><

Baby Hailey

I have been waiting to meet Miss. Hailey for a few months now. As you can see she is FULL of smiles and LOVE! Her mommy and I have been friends since high school, and when she was born I just knew that we had to have a lifestyle session! Miss. Hailey was so easy going, and camera ready. It was awesome watching my best friend, and new mommy, interact with her sweet girl. My best friends mom was there also, we were able to get some great pictures of her interactions with the little Miss as well.

I am SO excited about watching Miss. Hailey grow up! She is so lucky to have such great parents, and a wonderful extended family. Thank you for sharing your bundle of joy with us!

Janene - We had a ball!! So glad you were finally able to meet her. She sure does love the camera. The pictures are amazing, Alana. Can’t wait for the next session in a couple weeks when we come to visit. Happy Easter!! Mwah!

Elizabeth and Frank - Alana,

What a great set of images. You really captured the energy of baby and Mom, she will definitely chersin these images as the years go by!


Today David and I are returning to my home in Wilmington. I cannot remember an Easter without my feet in the sand, watching the day start Easter morning? One time, they were doing work on the beach, and it is dark before the sun comes up, obviously. So, they had on lights from some of the heavy machinery guiding us to the spot on the beach where the service would take place. It was like something out of a sci-fi movie. We got a good laugh as we “followed the light.” Then, there are some memories of being really cold. One year we made front page of the paper. We were sitting right down front, and just so happened to be the only family in focus in the picture…it was special. And then, there is last year, when David came for the first time. Unfortunately, I did not get the message across that is was casual and he wore his precious seersucker suit. THAT, is why I love that man!

I could not edit this image at all. I cannot, it is sacred. Just as it was last year. And, many years before then.

Denis Reggie brings us the {LIGHT}

Every 1st Thursday, of each month, we get together with our networking community and talk about wedding photography, and learn a thing or two…or a lot! Haha! We have been so thankful for Pictage, and our Atlanta PUG! Both David and I feel like we leave each meeting encouraged about ABJ Photography, were our business is going, and what we are still capable of doing. It is such a sweet experience to have very talented and established Atlanta photographers sharing helpful tools and techniques. We can remain current, and also better establish our brand thanks to this network.

This Thursday we had the esteemed pleasure of spending three hours in the presence of the GREAT photojournalist photographer Denis Reggie! We learned a lot about who he is, and where he has been. He changed the face of wedding photography {for the better we think} from stiff photos to “moments” that we all dream about. You can read more about him here: Denis. If nothing else, at least read the bottom of that article where it tells you about a few of his clients.

**image by Heather Owens

I look forward to putting into use all the techniques that we heard about, and better preforming for our clients. Here at ABJ Photography we strive to grow and learn all the time. We are excited about all that is in store this wedding season, and all the special moments that we will get to freeze in time for our very special clients!