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www.abjphoto.com Update!

I am so grateful for all of the fun new updates on ABJphoto.com! We have a new portfolio page with slide shows of both weddings and bridal portraits! It is so fun to stand alongside you on your wedding day, and help relive the moments time and time again. I am blown away that I get to do this job!

We are now filling our 2009 calendar, so if you or a friend are looking for a wedding photographer I would love to serve you! It is my passion to highlight the love, joy, and beauty of your wedding day! So, if you are looking for a photographer that is going to capture the essence of your love and relationship on your wedding day please call! I would love to work with you!

Fun with Friends II

Here they are…the long awaited bridal portraits with my friend Holly! We had so much fun at Kenny and Holly’s wedding this weekend, what a treat to watch friends get married. We took hundreds of photos, but I think I have narrowed down some favorites.

Katie - Lana!! These look gorgeous….you did an amazing job!!

Fun with Friends

Recently I was able to spend a day with a dear friend and her mom taking bridal portraits. These will be up in a few weeks, as we are trying to not spoil the fun of everyone seeing her in the dress for the first time. But what a day we had! It is so amazing to get to share my gift and resources with a friend! I believe all of us were placed in this world with gifts within ourselves to share with each other. For my husband and I, we see it in each other almost everyday, and what a blessing to share that with a friend, whom at our wedding shared her gift with me!

**Pictures to come soon!