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{April} Family sessions could be coming your way…

I feel SO blessed getting to do what I do! And we are SO excited to spread the love with Family Lifestyle and Portrait Sessions this April! These are promotional sessions in both the Atlanta, GA and Wilmington, NC areas! Details are going to be mailed out this week! If you would like more information about the sessions in your area, or get signed up early please head to the “get connected” section above and shoot us an email. We are so excited to see what this Spring has in store, and cannot wait to spend time with all the families as we welcome in Spring colors, and Summer air! Spread the word, limited spots available, but AMAZING deals to be had!

Calming Colors

I have a collection of glass jars. Some have just come along with me through the various homes I have lived in, some were “good deals,” and others were found. Being from the coast of North Carolina, I think blues and greens run in my veins. These colors calm me, and always catch my eye. So, as I learn more as a photographer, and try new things, it is fun to play with the old. Just some eye candy.