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Fridays LIVE!

All I have is a photo share today…

I am at home sick today trying to gain some much needed strength and enthusiasm for the weekend ahead.  It will be full of more amazing photo sessions and a lot of little ones with Easter eggs!  This past week has been so fun, getting back into the season of being outdoors for photo sessions, and renting new equipment to test out.

The photo below I snapped yesterday when the Governor came out to meet a few classes that were visiting the capitol.  I loved their enthusiasm…I am channeling it right now.  May this weekend be amazing for each of you!

Baxter Family Session : Monroe, GA Family Photographer

Remember in the last blog when I said I had quite the day on Saturday?  Me…GPS…Lovers Lane.  Anyway, all of that was for the incredible opportunity to hang out and photograph the Baxter family out on their land.  Actually, I work with Matt at the capitol, and he mentioned to me he would like some photos of his family for a belated gift to his mom.  I was super excited that it worked out for this past weekend, and that we had such amazing weather!  Upon arrival to their home I was welcomed with smiles and excitement…I knew we were going to have a great time.

The sun played a few tricks on us there in the beginning, not quite as cloudy as we would have liked in the very beginning.  We worked with it though and found some really cool spots to shoot.  I think you will see that it did not take long for me to feel welcome, for everyone to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and for the fun to begin.  I love laughter, and there was a lot of that to go around!  Thank you Matt for hooking me up with your family, and to everyone for being great sports and trusting me when I asked you to do something out of your comfort zone!

Patti - You are just too awesome! My favorite….down the fence to the red barn.

Brian Noah - Love these images!

Holly - these are beautiful, alana! you are so very talented.

On my way to Lovers Lane…

Do you watch The Office?  Have you seen the episode where two of the characters, I think it is Dwight and Michael, are sitting in the car and the GPS is telling them to drive right in to a huge pond?  That was me yesterday!  I was on my way out to Monroe, GA for a family session, not running late, but getting close to time, and the GPS brought me to this bridge…the bridge between me and Lovers Lane.  I could see where I needed to be…at least at the time I thought that is where I needed to be.  I hit “alternate route” expecting something wonderful.  Where did I end up?  At the bridge.  Sorry, I failed to mention this bridge was not passable.  Maybe brave people walk over it, clinching their fist.  But, certainly no one has actually driven over it in years.  On my way out yesterday I stopped by to take a few photos for keepsake reasons.  On the other side, over on Lovers Lane, was an amazing family.  I cannot wait to share their photos here later on in the week.  But for now…the Bridge!

Fridays LIVE!

Sorry for the delayed post today…this morning was a little slow.  But, started out so nice!  My best friend was driving through from TX to Asheville, NC and stopped for the night.  We had a lovely Chik-fil-a breakfast, and she was on her way, but amazing to just have a couple hours together.  This week has been a whirlwind of events with my job at the capitol…everything from Ag Day to black tie affairs, I’ve done it all this week.  My photo to share today is Jamie and Bobby Deen of The Lady & Sons in Savannah, GA.  They joined us at the Ag Day event down at the Freight Depot.  Jamie Deen gives great detail into the day on his BLOG! It was full of cowboys and great cooks, all in celebration of GA farmers and GA produce.  What a tasty event!  I got the fellas to take a turn trying to milk the cow they had out front.  I must say, it was a funny experience watching anyone’s face that took a turn…I, unfortunately did not get one…due to the fact I was working, but fun all the same.  (Sorry, that was a really long, strange sentence)

The other amazing thing that happened this week- we joined the MAC world!  Ah, I am just itching for our season to start!  So, so close! Like tomorrow close!  Ah, but I cannot wait to start sharing our family, Engagement, and Wedding Sessions!  Praise the Lord for business and praise the Lord for amazing weather!  I love SPRING!  Happy weekend everyone!