Trey & Michele :: UGA Engagement Session

I love how Michele and I met.  In the kitchen of the Governor’s mansion, the day of the Easter Egg hunt.  Michele had already contacted me at the time, but was connected to me through a co-worker of mine here at the capitol as well.  It was SO fun getting to chat her up right there about her wedding, wedding planning (quite the event coordinator that she is), and our further connection to YL and some sweet friends.  Oh, this small small world.

We later met Trey when we had drinks at our favorite coffee spot.  They came to Roswell to meet us, and we felt an immediate connection with them!  So naturally, now that we had another opportunity to get to know them even more we were really excited! David and I met up with them on the campus of UGA this past weekend.  I was really impressed with the beauty of the campus and loved hearing little stories as we walked about their relationship in Athens….walking to class, favorite food places, etc.

We had a really great time, and were so thankful for the little rain shower that came in and cleared campus for us!  Thanks for some great pizza and our tour of UGA!  We look forward to March!

This was one of the last shots of the day, but I love this photo.  Something about the sweetness of it.  Something that seems timeless…

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