Maddie :: Milton High School Senior!

I had so much fun with Maddie during her HS:Session this past weekend.  I was driving over to the school to meet with her and her mom praaayyyying that the rain would hold off for us!  The sky was confused looking…blue in some spots, some cloudy, really menacing in others.  All that to say, we got started with the shoot right away.  The light was perfect and there was even a slight cool breeze, I was still praying inside for no rain. 🙂

We got through a few locations around the school- with the storm around us the light was going crazy…very warm and soft.  The kind that warms up your skin.  Then….it got really windy, I mean really windy, and in came that storm.  Maddie and her mom got to the car just in time, and I waited it out solo on the porch of Milton.  At one point there was blue sky and a rainbow to my left, pouring rain out front, and bright sun peaking out of the clouds to my right.  I was not sure what was going to happen?  I am really excited to say that Maddie and her mom were such great sports and waited out the storm with me.  The rest of our afternoon was a blast, and I cannot wait for you to see what happened at the end!  Get ready for a mega-blog ahead!

After the rain was over Maddie and her mom lead me over to the cross country trail.  It was like a rain forest over there, very green, and damp from the rain.  It was fun to get some shots of Maddie on that trail since she runs Cross Country for the school.

Next we headed to the downtown area where we were able to get some super fun shots before we lost light.  Our shoot did go a little later due to our rain delay than I would normal push it, but I think you will agree that it was worth it…especially when her mom suggested she get in the fountain!

I love this southern, yet urban look…The colors in these images are really cool, using the street light for mood lighting.  But, the b&w were so dramatic I had to share them!

Maddie, you rock girl!  Thank you for being so incredibly sweet and fun to photograph!

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