JP & Ellen Married :: Roswell, GA Wedding (part two)

JP and Ellen were married at the Roswell Mill Club here in our little suburb of Roswell, GA. We love that area of town and we were SUPER excited when Ellen mentioned they were going to get married there! They had a lovely wedding reception outside and the celebration and reception continued inside the RMC. JP and Ellen were surrounded by great friends and family all night!

Ellen shared with me that the florist made these great trees used below. They were great decoration and really looked amazing on top of the cake!

I went back and forth on what image form the cake cutting to share, many were sweet, but this image for some reason really stuck out for me. I think that it is the smile on JP’s face. I kinda feel like he was contemplating his next move…or, maybe just really excited for some delicious pumpkin spice cake!

Before we knew it the night had flown by…

JP and Ellen, we cannot thank you enough!

For friends and family, to view these images when they are released please sign the guest book here: Thanks Y’all!!

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