Harry & June :: Celebrating 50 years of marriage!

I had the most fun with Harry and June (and one of their daughters, Angela) last weekend.  This was one of the sessions that I had been highly anticipating because it was going to be something new.  I have done weddings, engagements, families, seniors, and pets.  I was blessed and felt so privileged to spend the afternoon with these two, and capture such a seasoned and lovely relationship.  I am just at the beginning of my marriage to David, but I certainly hope that after many years together we will be blessed enough to do a photo session like this one.  There is something so special about being able to look into each others eyes and see so many years of growth, love, and seasons together.

Harry found this great spot for us up in Acworth!  I love the southern sun in Fall, still wrapping us all with it’s warmth in all these images!  And, not to mention the amazing sunsets!

I hope to be blessed enough to photograph MANY more couples celebrating lots and lots of years together!  Thank you so much for being SO easy to work with, and so fun!  To view more images from this session when it is released please sign up here: www.pictage.com/946056

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