The Curiosity of a Puppy, and the Wisdom of an old Dog

Meet our curious little hound mix pup, Mason.  He is the newest edition to our pack, and over the past month has really made a home for himself…I am not sure we could live without him now.  I was out in the yard this afternoon with these two just having the best time.  I am sure my neighbors thought I was crazy…I was in David’s boots, his large Mountain Hardware jacket, a scarf from Anthropologie, and my camera in hand.

*confession* I finally read up on how to do video on my camera, and wanted to get some practice, so this lead to our outdoor shoot.

Tess has had lots of camera time, so she just does what I say and takes one for the team.  But, Mason was not sure about this black clicking thing in his face (when I could get him to stand still).  Finally, he took an interest and I got some very puppy photos.  These are for all you dog lovers, and for me.  These two are my best buds!

While Mason was all over the place, playing games with the camera and barking at nothing, Tess was just laying by my side.  She kept a look out down the road and smelled the fall smells in the air.  She is steadfast in her love, and I love her so much.  We love our new buddy too.  And, now David is not out numbered in the house!  I pray Mason grows up to have the wisdom of Tess, and her heart for people too.

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