Can’t talk enough about {SPRING}

There are so many FUN things happening at ABJ Photography this season it is hard to contain myself! And, on top of all of that, today is the first day of {SPRING} and that makes it all even better! I hate to post over the fact that we just launched out NEW website, so please if you haven’t taken a look, please do! But, I just had to share with you all what I saw on my afternoon walk with Tess, my bff and dog 🙂 These flowers were just in about one block, and I did not even post them all! Wow, what a sweet season! I hope that you enjoy all the little flowers brought into your life as well!I shot all of these with a super sweet 50 mm f1.2 L lens that I have for the weekend, and will be using during all of our shoots this season. One day, I will own this lovely piece of glass, but for now it is fun to capitalize on our time together.

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