Denis Reggie brings us the {LIGHT}

Every 1st Thursday, of each month, we get together with our networking community and talk about wedding photography, and learn a thing or two…or a lot! Haha! We have been so thankful for Pictage, and our Atlanta PUG! Both David and I feel like we leave each meeting encouraged about ABJ Photography, were our business is going, and what we are still capable of doing. It is such a sweet experience to have very talented and established Atlanta photographers sharing helpful tools and techniques. We can remain current, and also better establish our brand thanks to this network.

This Thursday we had the esteemed pleasure of spending three hours in the presence of the GREAT photojournalist photographer Denis Reggie! We learned a lot about who he is, and where he has been. He changed the face of wedding photography {for the better we think} from stiff photos to “moments” that we all dream about. You can read more about him here: Denis. If nothing else, at least read the bottom of that article where it tells you about a few of his clients.

**image by Heather Owens

I look forward to putting into use all the techniques that we heard about, and better preforming for our clients. Here at ABJ Photography we strive to grow and learn all the time. We are excited about all that is in store this wedding season, and all the special moments that we will get to freeze in time for our very special clients!

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