I’ll take advice from the Pioneer Woman!

I have been following the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, for a while now.  She is super witty and cooks up some yummy stuff in her kitchen.  I love how she photo documents the steps as she cooks.  My husband would tell you that I will more likely order something off of a menu at a restaurant if there is a photo.  That’s just how my brain works…and my stomach, I guess!  The Pioneer Woman also has a photography section where she tells readers about photo tricks and things that she is learning about photo editing.  I like to check in and see what people from all over submit during her photo projects.  Recently she was writing about adding grain to a photo, and my mind went back to a recent wedding where I did the same thing just playing around in post production.  It kinda gives a “film” look…remember film, haha!  Anyway, here is the image I took and edited:

She also has a killer Chicken Parmasan recipe!  A little labor involved, but so SO yummy!  Check it out HERE!

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