The Story behind our Storybooks

I can personally tell you, as a “do it yourselfer” and “photographer” I thought I could EASILY put together my own wedding album. I mean, there are so many online places these days my kind of people might think it a breeze. BUT…the truth is that there is NOTHING like your professionally done wedding album. I promise.

First, you receive your boutique packages album on your doorstep. The anticipation is killing you, because you know you LOVED your wedding pictures, and these are your VERY FAVORITE images! It is not only an album, it is YOUR story, YOUR personal day told through your very favorite images, in one leather bound album! This is what to expect from our wedding albums…detail, leather, flush mounted, creative, and timeless. The story of YOUR day! The image above is an example of “flush bound” albums. They are bound in such a way that when you have the book open all the way images are viewed clean across the book. There is not a gap or deep crevice like you might find in a library book binding. This allows us to be very creative while designing your album. Something that each of our brides get to participate in, no book is ever created without the help of our brides! The interior design of each page varies, and because we are not just pasting images in squares, there are many layout options. We are also able to incorporate many different images, accentuating your very favorites, while also including the traditional images such as family

Your wedding day story is truly complete with your wedding album. I cannot express the way I felt the day I received my album. It was a sense of living the day over again, sweet memories, and also the final touches to a perfect event. We highly encourage you to ask us about your wedding day album when looking forward for your special day!

**Our wedding albums are included in our Wedding Packages. There are also Parent Albums available that mirror your 10×10 album, but just as a smaller version.

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