Wedding accessory – DIY

I have been wanting to start up a weekly DIY post for wedding day ideas, to both add style, an element of GREEN living, and some how-to’s for doing it on the cheap. There are so many sites out there with amazing ideas these days, why not help spread the information around! I have been finding these lovely hair accessories at some fun stores, and could not wait to share the DIY info I found with you all. I hope that these wedding DIY post can inspire someone, and if they do we would love to hear how it worked out!

I absolutely love these feather and flower headbands… like these found at Anthropologie:
I caught a bit of the Martha Stewart Show a few weeks back and they were making some of these lovely hair pieces! I wanted to share the link with you all because it is such an easy, inexpensive way to add some style to your wedding party, or own wedding day attire! If you are SUPER crafty, why not make them as bridesmaids gifts, and have the ladies wear them with their bridesmaids dresses. OR how about buy a couple bottles of wine, some crafting materials, and hang out after the rehearsal and have each bridesmaid craft their own for the day?!?!

Here is the link to the Martha Stewart site for instructions and a video on how to DIY your own headbands! Click HERE for that crafty goodness!

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