Baby Bentley | Atlanta Lab Rescue Puppy

Baby Bentley came to stay with us a few days ago and has already snuggled his way into our hearts forever!  He is a foster puppy, so he is still waiting on his “forever home.”  You better believe I am loving my role as foster mama while it lasts!

Bentley is a little guy at only 8 weeks, but he has a big personality!  Above all, he is such a good boy.  Mason and Magnolia are teaching him new tricks and the routine of the house.  I often get a glimpse in Maggie’s eyes, as if she is saying, “mom, do I have to babysit again?” As any teenager would.  She is taking such good care of him, and is so gentle with him, even though he is often locked-in on her jaw or ear.

We had a little photo session the first day we had him, so as he woke up from an afternoon nap we got to explore and play.  Looking back at these images, after having him a little while longer, I can see how true they are to his little big personality!

Balls and Sticks…a lab’s true love!

Sweet baby boy, you are loved!

To find out more about adopting an Atlanta Lab Rescue dog please visit their site: Atlanta Lab Rescue.

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