Maxine + Jacki | Atlanta Dog Photographer

In Atlanta lives a dog named Maxine!  She is a beautiful Rottweiler who has lived quite an interesting life!  I have to say, when I got to Maxine’s house, I was not sure if she was going to let me in her yard…but after introductions we became fast friends!

Jacki + Maxine are the best of friends.  When I first spoke to Jacki on the phone I could tell that Max was a special girl, and they had a special bond.  I got to meet Jacki, her daughter, and Maxine this past weekend.  We had a great time relaxing in the yard, taking some photos, and laughing as Maxine entertained us with her personality, and some singing!

Maxine is truly one of the girls!  I could hang out on the deck with her all afternoon.  She had her eye on Jacki the whole time, and at her center, she is a girl with a mission- to take care of her mama.  Thank you Max for letting me hang out in YOUR yard, and thank you Jacki for allowing me to photograph you and your girls!  It was such a great afternoon.

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