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Oh my goodness y’all!  I cannot make up my mind when picking photos to blog, ESPECIALLY when my subjects are as cute as these guys!  My blog is about to EXPLODE with lab love!

A few weeks ago I got to hang out with Duke, Jake, Chelsea, Trooper, and Eddie…ALL Atlanta Lab Rescue doggies!  I was introduced to them a few at a time, and soon we were exploring their back yard and getting to know each other (A few of you got to see previews over on TWITTER).

Please snuggle in as I introduce you to each of them, I have some fun group shots to share too!

Yes!  We even got a few photos of everyone together…and on a bench!!  The photo below has some pretty funny out-takes! 🙂

Say hello to Duke, the senior of the crew.   He was so loving and friendly right from the start, showing off his toys and tricks, always a smile on his face.

Jane got LOTS of kisses during our session!

Oh Jake, Jake from State Farm (like the commercial), haha!  Jake is so young at heart!  I swear he is two not six…he has such a neat personality, and as you can see in many of the photos below, not afraid to check out what everyone else is going.

Chelsea is a little camera shy, but not afraid of telling these boys who’s boss!  She is the lady of the pack and even wears her own set of pearls! 

Oh Trooper, what a handsome boy!  Trooper is going to be in our Atlanta Lab Rescue calendar!  I will never forget when we first went outside Trooper ran right to his “pantry” and got a stick to show off.  He keeps his collection of sticks and things in one area of the yard under a canopy of trees, hence the name “Trooper’s Pantry”.

**update** Trooper lost his front leg as a result of a hunting accident.  The owner vetted him and then turned him into the Dekalb animal shelter. 🙁  Thank goodness for divine intervention,and the work of the ALR volunteers he found his way to his forever home!

Eddie is last, but not least!  He reminds me so much of my Mason.  I think Eddie plays hard to get…here is why…when I first arrived Eddie stayed back, gave me a few sniffs.  He was shy in his first photos, BUT then he started coming around with a rope to show me, and then it was a stick. By the end of the night he jumped right up on the couch next to me and snuggled in!  To me, that was the highest compliment!  

I love the rest of these shot because we just got to just hang out a bit.  I have so many it was hard to select what to share, but I thought some of these really caught the essence of the Rumple’s pack.  These pups are so fun, I cannot wait to come over and visit, I might have even offered to dog-sit!  Hehe!

I am SO THANKFUL to the Rumples of letting me come to their home!  I had a blast, and left with my heart so full.  This is an all-star lab rescue team!  And, these pups made it to paradise when they met Tom and Jane. 🙂

To find out more about scheduling your pet and family photography session please click the EMAIL ME button at the top of the blog!  And, to meet some amazing labs check out the Atlanta Lab Rescue website today!  Thanks y’all!

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