Fridays LIVE!

Yay for starting a new series for the BLOG called Fridays LIVE!…to be posted each Friday.  I have been waiting until we get closer to our “busy time” to start this little idea I’ve had in my head.  Mainly because I was fearful that I would not have anything to talk about and that’s not fun!  Anyway, the point of the post it to recap our week.  Why?  Because I think it will be fun to document our growth and what we are learning and doing for ourselves.  But, also because maybe there is one or two person out there who can relate or maybe gain something from what we are doing.  I learn something new each day and am sharing it as much here for me as you…you faithful friend and reader!

So, here is the deal.  I recap life as a photographer, wife, and part of my community to share that we are real people, and to maybe give some insight into who we are beyond business as well as in business.  I think that is why I love blogging.  I can showcase our work in the wedding industry but also go a little off course and talk a little bit about who ABJ Photography really is…these posts may or may not include photos.  But, I will link the mess out of it so that you will get a mental picture anyway!  So, here we go!

Let’s be honest…MONDAY and TUESDAY were a wash because of this white mess happening all over GA.  I think I sent out a tweet about it, please view my twitpic HERE.  I called it the icky white stuff for a reason…that is how I feel about snow, I feel icky.  And, I want a tan and not a sweater.  But, it will be fine, I have a warm little office down here at the capitol and a nice abundance of coffee…no fear.

WEDNESDAY we got to attend a really cool dinner for our Young Life area…North Fulton.  This is something that David and I care a lot about, and I have spent a lot of my life involved with both as a volunteer and staff member.  Why do we care?  Because we can support them both financially and physically.  We do not advertise well enough the organizations that we support and I want to start doing that better.  These people affect youth in such positive ways, changing both mine and David’s lives as we were growing up.  We are fortunate to get to welcome new staff and also grow Young Life in Roswell.  One thing that I hope to bring up again is our fundraising race called Rowdy Ralph.  If you are a runner and would like to support youth in our area please visit the site HERE.  We hope to be out there this year running, and needing all the support (to finish) we can get, haha!

Last night was spent networking and learning at the Atlanta PUG through PICTAGE– a company we use here at ABJ Photography.  Last night we were excited to pick the brains of professionals in the wedding planning and event industry.  A special thanks to Michelle Gainey of Lemiga Events, Alyssa Olson of Sashay Creative Events, Janice Blackmon of Janice Blackmon Events, and Stefanie Dunn of The Wedding Box Atlanta for all of your insight!  David and I have not worked hand-in-hand with a wedding coordinator yet, but were encouraged to learn that we are taking the right steps in our business to help that be a smooth process.  It was great to hear that they look for communication – which we consider to be our strong point.  In fact, David and I often email people back instantly.  Maybe because we stalk our inbox, or maybe because we are thorough.  Either way, good word from the ladies.  Also, excited to hear they encourage conversation and teamwork.  David and I base our business on relationships.  We love relationships with clients and families, and we welcome relationships from our peers!  WooHoo!  Let’s go get coffee, or a smoothie, or a meal.  We look forward to running into these ladies again and hopefully working with some of them in the future… or maybe following their work online.  Either way, what a great night of community and learning!

We totally are advocates for getting out there and learning from your peers, and listening to what others have to share from life and business experience.  It is something we wish that we could do more!!  So, be encouraged, if you are a wedding professional, maybe selling your craft on Etsy, or sharing your gifts in your community, get out there and talk to the people around you doing what you do.   I think I am making that more of a goal this year for us as well!

Yay! Blog one…check!  See you all hopefully next week.  We should have  a mountain adventure to share!  And, thank you weather man for a nice forecast!  Hell-oooo Spring!

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