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Monday was packed with excitement, and I could hardly sleep the night before (mainly due to the early start time)!  We had pet portrait day at Club K9 in Roswell, each dog was groomed and had their portrait done before each owner came by to pick them up.  It was fun to photograph dogs both large and small all in one day!  Special thanks to Khalvin from Tenacity for his help working with the dogs, he is a personal canine behaviorist who works with Club K9 and is based out of Atlanta.

First up, with an early portrait time, were Latte and Bo!  Latte is a beautiful Standard Poodle, and Bo is a beautiful Golden Retriever!

Dog Portrait Photographer01Dog Portrait Photographer02Dog Portrait Photographer03Dog Portrait Photographer04

Next up were Jake and Zach, adorable Yorkies!  These two did a great job posing!

Dog Portrait Photographer05Dog Portrait Photographer06Dog Portrait Photographer07Dog Portrait Photographer08

Clementine was next, and she showed off all her tricks for us.  This very smart girl turned out to be VERY photogenic!

Dog Portrait Photographer09Dog Portrait Photographer10Lanston and his puppies were next!  Langston belongs to Khalvin, and he is a beautiful, black, pure bread Pitbull.  His pups are cute as a button, and gave out lots of free snuggles throughout the day, don’t you just LOVE puppies! And, puppy breath, and puppy everything!

Dog Portrait Photographer11Dog Portrait Photographer12Dog Portrait Photographer13Dog Portrait Photographer14Dog Portrait Photographer15Meet Penny!  Penny was not sure what to think of the camera at first, but this sweet girl won our hearts with her striking features.

Dog Portrait Photographer16Dog Portrait Photographer17Oh Chavis, sweet Chavis.  It has been so fun getting to know Nicole of Club K9, and her handsome doberman Chavis.  He is only 10 months old, and so smart and eager to learn.  I have been able to watch as he goes through some training and I cannot wait to see what he does in his life. 🙂

Dog Portrait Photographer18

Dog Portrait Photographer19Edward and Bella were two cuties that came in the second half of the day.  These two Pomeranians are sweet as can be!

Dog Portrait Photographer20Dog Portrait Photographer21Dog Portrait Photographer22Dog Portrait Photographer23

I love Golden Retrievers, our first family pet was a golden named Abby, and I will always have a soft spot for these kind dogs in my heart.  Easton was fun to work with, and the only dog that I could get to hold a standing pose all day!  The hardwood floors were tough to not slide on, but Easton was up for the challenge.  That was one of my most favorite shots all day!

Dog Portrait Photographer25Dog Portrait Photographer24Special thanks to all of the families who participated in our Club K9 Portrait day!  Your dogs are beautiful and each have special qualities about them!  I hope to see all of you again in the future, both at Club K9 and for our family and pet photography sessions!

To find out more about my lifestyle pet and family portrait sessions please email me today!  You can click on CONTACT at the top of the site to reach me.  Or, to stay up to date on our next portrait day at Club K9 be sure to follow us on Facebook!  We are dreaming up something SPOOKY for October!


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