Fridays LIVE!

Sorry for the delayed post today…this morning was a little slow.  But, started out so nice!  My best friend was driving through from TX to Asheville, NC and stopped for the night.  We had a lovely Chik-fil-a breakfast, and she was on her way, but amazing to just have a couple hours together.  This week has been a whirlwind of events with my job at the capitol…everything from Ag Day to black tie affairs, I’ve done it all this week.  My photo to share today is Jamie and Bobby Deen of The Lady & Sons in Savannah, GA.  They joined us at the Ag Day event down at the Freight Depot.  Jamie Deen gives great detail into the day on his BLOG! It was full of cowboys and great cooks, all in celebration of GA farmers and GA produce.  What a tasty event!  I got the fellas to take a turn trying to milk the cow they had out front.  I must say, it was a funny experience watching anyone’s face that took a turn…I, unfortunately did not get one…due to the fact I was working, but fun all the same.  (Sorry, that was a really long, strange sentence)

The other amazing thing that happened this week- we joined the MAC world!  Ah, I am just itching for our season to start!  So, so close! Like tomorrow close!  Ah, but I cannot wait to start sharing our family, Engagement, and Wedding Sessions!  Praise the Lord for business and praise the Lord for amazing weather!  I love SPRING!  Happy weekend everyone!

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