Atlanta Family Portrait Photographer | Withers Family (take two)

One of my favorite parts of being an adult is watching some of my dear friends start families.  I am especially blessed to have a dear high school friend in town, and photographing her growing family has been a gift.  It is so fun to look back on their journey, and celebrate their new little boy too!  It has been so cold in Atlanta we did not venture out for photos, we stayed inside and captured a taste of life in the Withers home.  I think the photos came out sweet, and I hope that they enjoy them for years to come.  I think one thing I have grown to appreciate about photography is how photos tell stories, and you do not even realize it until a few years later…the simplest image can bring back so much emotion.  I was honored to spend the morning with these guys, thank you Sus for being such a sweet friend of mine all these years.

Atlanta Family Portraits01Atlanta Family Portraits02Atlanta Family Portraits03Atlanta Family Portraits04Atlanta Family Portraits05Atlanta Family Portraits06Atlanta Family Portraits07Atlanta Family Portraits08Atlanta Family Portraits09Atlanta Family Portraits10Atlanta Family Portraits11Atlanta Family Portraits12Atlanta Family Portraits13Atlanta Family Portraits14

Yay! Love you guys!  So excited to meet Mr. Jack, and thank you again for having me over to photograph your beautiful family!!

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