Backyard Inspiration

Two things are fabulous about this time of year: being outside and grilling out.  I love them both!  The other night we were outside grilling dinner, and that turned into eating outside.  What a great night to be together, but also to enjoy the season.  The pollen is already starting to take over… and the bugs are on the way.  Although, I will taken pollen and bugs over snow and cold.

I have been challenging myself to take more pictures.  That may sound funny, that is what I do all day.  But, I want to take more pictures of life and our surroundings- I want to be inspired by life going on around us.  I hope to take photos with my 50mm lens that tell a story of what I am doing in the moment.  Just a couple images…and a simple story…that create a great memory.  And, maybe learn more about myself and style as that happens.  I guess that starts another mini series…Inspirations.  We’ll see how it goes?  Here are my images from the other night.

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