Our girl is ONE!

I interrupt my regular scheduled Fall Family Portrait Session blogging for this personal share time!  Ha!  My baby girl just turned ONE, and we are even more in love with her than day one!

So much has changed for me from the start of ABJ Photography.  David and I were just newlyweds building a website from scratch, pre really cool WordPress templates, and finding our way in the industry.  We shot weddings, mainly, and worked full-time jobs during the week.  But, nine years later our lives look so different, and in many ways so much better than we could have ever imagined.  We have two healthy beautiful kids, our second home, two different doggies, and a lot more life experience…oh, and I am also working part-time mainly shooting family and pet photo sessions.  (I have a lot of updating to do on my bio page!)

So, I wanted to share a little highlight into our day celebrating SarahKate.  Our little girl has moxie and sure does keep us on our toes.  But man does she love hard, and just a glance can melt you into a puddle of love.  We celebrated her with family, and prayed for her as a group that she would grow up surrounded by friends and family who love Jesus and can help guide her in this life.  Our cake smash experience was a little traumatic, you may have mistaken us for first time parents, allowing our daughter to grab her birthday candle flame.  But, in many ways we are new parents all over again because both kiddos are so different!  Our party stretched into an afternoon of fun with people we love, and although I may have been stressing the set up a bit it was all worth it and everyone had a good time, especially the kids.

Above, the moment before and below the moment after our flame grabbing surprise!  Warning, kids have lighting speed when it comes to grabbing things!

Thanks for letting me tap into some personal time here and share our birthday festivities!  I promise busy weekends ahead full of lots of fun family and pet photography!

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