Fridays LIVE! : Late Night Edition

Recently, I think that my goal in business is to learn more about photography through any experience that I can.  I think that I have been saying that over and over the past few weeks- but it is the truth.  Being new to business compared to my mentors in the industry I feel driven to learn and to grow any way that I can.  Maybe we are not making enough (yet) to buy the best equipment that money can buy, maybe I cannot afford to pay thousands to travel and learn from the best (yet), and maybe it is just all about digging deep and doing the best I can and learning any way possible.  Why? to do what I love, and to have the most amazing experiences with clients and friends.  Ah!  I love this job!

Anyway, as seen in the last post we are playing a lot with no flash and low light situations.  Last weekend, while at Lake Martin in Alabama for Easter, I had another chance to play.  These are a few quick shots taken between basketball games Saturday night…just before Duke took their next step toward victory!

The sky in these images is INSANE!  It was SO dark out, but the camera was still able to pull out all that light.  Cameras are magic, they really are, they are so cool!  Anyway, I am looking forward to sharing our first engagement session of the season with you all next week, and getting this wedding season party started!  Holllaaaa!

The sky is the limit…

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