Ryan & Ashley are Married : Charlotte, NC Wedding Photographer

We started out Saturday morning with the clear skyline of Charlotte, NC!  It was the perfect morning to get out into the city, seeking out venues for later in the day, and taking in the spirit of our first wedding of the summer!

Several months ago we were contacted by a high school friend of mine who said that she mentioned us to a co-worker and they were interested in our photography.  I love shooting weddings for friends-of-friends because it is almost like we are connected before we even meet!  After several emails with Ashley she booked us!  And, we have been anticipating her wedding day ever since.  It was fun meeting the ladies at the Charlotte Marriott downtown…top floor no less!  Ashley was so calm and collected.  As the ladies arrived and the preparations began I could sense Ashley’s laid-back demeanor that would carry us all through the day.  Meanwhile, David was with the fellas at Ryan’s parent’s home…playing in canoes and laughing a lot I am sure!

We all met up at the Mint Museum of Art to celebrate their love!  I have edited through the first part of the day and could not resist sharing a few sneak peak images with you.  I will share the reception images as soon as I can!

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