JP & Ellen : Engaged (part one)

I first met Ellen over the phone a few months back.  She called and said that she found us online and was interested in meeting and chatting about wedding photography.  We were able to meet them at one of our favorite spots- Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee in Roswell.  We sat and chatted about their wedding day, and were super excited to hear that they will be celebrating down at the Roswell Mill.  Ok, if you know us at all, you should already be aware that these factors got us really excited!  We also learned that they had a very special spot where they got engaged- Sope Creek!

When we were planning their session we knew that we really wanted to start down by the ruins at Sope Creek.  What a romantic spot!  And, what an amazing piece of history.  We had so much fun laughing with these two.  I totally appreciate how they trusted us, had fun, and were willing to even climb up ON TOP OF the ruins for the sake of a few amazing shots!  I hope that this time together added to the amazing memories that they have from that special spot.

We had a blast at this location, but we have a super fun PART TWO to share with you all SO soon…To pre-register to view all the images when they are released please visit for more details!

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