Michael & Katie : Married! (part one)

I met Katie and her sweet sister and mother for the first time a few weekends ago in Greenville, SC.  Katie’s sister, Laura, is friends with one of my dear friend, and through the power of connection and our amazing web of support they had us up to Greenville for Katie’s wedding day!  I did not feel like I was going into the day unprepared though, emails and phone calls with Besty and Laura early on had me at ease, and by the time I was in the hotel room we were all having a good time and getting to know each other well.

I spent the morning with the ladies downtown at the new Marriott on Main Street and David soon followed to meet Michael and the guys for some downtown photos.  Michael and Katie were married at Pretty Place Chapel outside of Greenville.   This was hands down one of the most beautiful overlooks we have visited!  One of the nicest parts of the trip up there was how they coordinated buses for the long drive between venues.  We had a blast on the way back down riding with the entire wedding party!

Y’all, I am beyond words for how great this day was!  I have even decided to break the post up into two parts, so keep an eye out for more coming very soon!  If you would like to pre-register to see all the images when they are released please sign the guest book at http://pictage.com/821422 and you will be notified when they are live online.

Stay tuned for the reception at Zen and more from this amazing day!

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