Charles & Danielle Engaged :: Atlantic Station (part two)

During our second half of the night we headed over to the Atlantic Station area.  This was such a fun spot to shoot, and such a great place to show the city!  Great idea by Danielle!  As you will see it went from light, to twilight, to night really fast!  But, we think that we captured that pretty well, and it made for some dramatic images by the end of the night.

The Geisha House is very special to Charles and Danielle, this is where Charles proposed!  We knew that we needed to get some fun shots at this location first!

So sweet…and I am not talking about the candy!

By the time we reached this part of the shoot we were deep into twilight.  We love how the lights from the street and the buildings around us really created a soft and romantic light for us.

Ring shot!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for SUCH an amazing night!  You two are amazing, and we cannot wait to celebrate with you in July!!!!

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