Cloud Nine

As I sit here, getting excited to show you the next few blog posts I have coming up, I am also busy getting some other work out the door.  I think often about next year…only a few months away, when this business will be my only business.  I have been doing ABJ sessions while working for the Governor for over a year.  Days like yesterday, going on some ridiculous road trip for a 30 min. program, seeing one of the top 5 oldest schools in our nation, getting to ride in the plane home, and laugh a lot with some great work friends.  It does not take much to look out the window and see I am blessed.  I am safe.  I am living a fantastic life.  I am doing what I love…even though I seem to forget that sometimes.

Life can be like a ride in a prop-plane.  A little rough on the way up.  But when you get to the top, most days, it is clear skies and downy soft clouds.  There will be bumps in the road, but hard work, training, and being willing to accept a helping hand will get you there safely.

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