Refining our craft

What do we do in our spare time here at ABJ Photography?

Well, we are constantly education ourselves! We are always learning, growing, refining, and trying to make ourselves better for our clients. It does not matter the genre: Internet, blog, Photoshop, marketing, equipment, location design. David and I can be found investing ourselves in anything to better our brand. Why? You may ask…it is simple, we want to do the best we can for our brides and families.

Today I was testing new tools on Photoshop, the program that we use to refine our images. We fully believe that Photoshop does not “make” the image, but the client along with our education,equipment, and experience should make the images. But, Photoshop has so much depth and creative capabilities it would be hard to pass up using the program.

I really like the images below. It is a brushstroke tool, to give the image an almost painted look. Not to mention, my greatest model of all times….Tess, our sweet black lab. She has been on hand to test new equipment and locations since our business opened, and years before. She is one of the great loves of my life! Enjoy!

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