Trip to New York City – Part 2

I do not think that I mentioned this before, but I have never been to NYC (or, maybe some of you have heard me say that a lot!).  I have had friends live there and ask me to come up, I have always had a desire to go, and I could never get it together enough to make the trip.

David and I started having conversations about going on a trip several months ago.  We turned our sights on NYC around New Years, thinking that we would make a whirlwind New Years Eve trip.  But, as we planned we realized that waiting a couple more weeks might be a good idea.  We cannot help that we are practical people, saving a few bucks is always good in our books!  Anyway, we have not been on a real vacation since our honeymoon…that was May 2008.  I am so thankful that we ended up going and that we had mostly amazing weather and really got to see so much!  A lot of these photos are your typical tourist shots.  When you only have a party of two and a little hand held digital camera a lot of the shots are scenic or might have only one person in them.  I think that we documented well though and I have looked through them a million times post trip.  Makes me remember walking the streets all over again.

We stayed at the Hudson Hotel on 58th street, right near central park.  It was very European, and hip.  Always low lit and cool music playing.  The kind of place that makes cow heads on the wall look cool.  I got to see central park, 5th Ave., Rockefeller center, ride the subway, eat a street vendor hot-dog, visit ground zero, Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, Wall St., China Town, Time Square, go see Lion King on Broadway, and eat lots of yummy food!  I learned that knee high boots really are super cool b/c everyone has them, and that it is cool to wear athletic wear on the weekends, and that only skinny people live in that city.  I also got to see that all my expectations were met and that it still blows my mind that all those tall buildings are so condensed on an island, and that they do not sink into the subway tunnels below.  I love the aspects of old world architecture that are still all over the city, and how it reminded me of the great generations that came before us.  I am already planning our next visit!

Here is a slideshow that I put together with our new slideshow program for our blog!  Hopefully we will be using this feature to show off the weddings, engagement sessions, ect. that are coming up this year.  Thanks for checking it out, and have a wonderful weekend!

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