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I had a wonderful conversation with a bride yesterday that got me thinking…

She asked very thoughtful questions in our conversation regarding our process, products, and how we would fit into the mold of her wedding day.  Then, she asked the question, “can you show me more reception photos”? In my head I had bells going off ding, ding, ding as she continued with the question.  You see, we spend the entire wedding day with couples.  But, we always produce the most images during the reception.  Granted in many cases there is a greater concentration of people, and everyone is free to let loose, dance, eat, and be merry.  It is consistent in my posting, and in the other blogs that I read that we as photographers focus on the details of the reception.  Or, possibly even focusing in on just the bride and groom…all with good reason, those details are important too!

What a great idea to blog about though, and what an opportunity to showcase the people attending the wedding, as well as the couple having a good time post nuptials.  Here are some photos from three weddings we photographed last summer.  Each unique in style and detail.  Each wonderful to look back on…First up, Blake and Katie! Next…Allen and Whitney!

And last but NOT least…Brian and Kelly!

Thanks for indulging me…what a journey.

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