Mason + Magnolia | Lazy Lab Days

I am making a promise to myself that I will post more personal photos on the blog this year.  Mason and Magnolia are our two dogs, Mason a hound mix and Magnolia a black lab.  They are best friends and comic relief on a hard day.  

I came across these images today and they took me back to warmer days.  Reminding me in the business of the day to not take things so seriously and to relax a little bit.

Maggie is notorious for falling asleep sitting up.  She will do the nod-of-the-head thing, and then look around to see if anyone was watching.

Mason loves to sleep in the sunshine.  He will come inside and lay right by the bay window, even if there is just a small amount of sun peaking through the curtain.

I am working toward transitioning our business to photography for pets + people in 2013!  My passion is in helping labs find good homes, loving the labs in my life, and showing through photos how we connect with our pets.  They are a part of our families, and we will be specializing in portrait sessions and weddings that include dogs, or even cats.  I am also excited about a personal project that I am working on for the Atlanta Lab Rescue.  I promise to share the results!

For more information on booking your pet + people photography session contact me today!  Click the EMAIL ME button above!  Thanks y’all!

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