Smith Family :: Topsail Beach, NC Family Photographer

Over the weekend David and I snuck home to Wilmington to see my parents and brother, and also to get some beach time in with them.  This was kinda a secret trip.  I hate to come home in such short spurts and not be able to see old friends, or make the usual rounds.  Long distance trips with only a few short days to visit do not make for quality time with valued friends or family (this is my attempt to say sorry to those we did not get a chance to see but who love us still and read this blog).  I think this is something I am learning as I grow up…not to over extend myself as much.  We did, however, have a fun afternoon with my best friend from high school and her family Saturday.  It was the kind of day that just worked out perfectly: weather, schedule on all accounts, etc.  So, David and I drove north to Topsail Beach for some Mexican food and photos with our friends.

I am really excited to take pictures for friends that are just like family.  I love taking part in those memories, and the comfort of being with true friends.  I really hope that they, along with their families, enjoy this sneak peak of our session together!  I did not get to capture on camera how awesome it was to be with them, or how much we miss them and wish they would move to Atlanta…but I will keep those feelings stored up in my heart.  We love you guys!

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